20 Hot Dita Von Teese Looks to Love ...


20 Hot Dita Von Teese Looks to Love ...
20 Hot Dita Von Teese Looks to Love ...

Dita Von Teese, burlesque dancer, girlfriend to an aristocrat, and ex-wife to a disturbing rock star, is not everyone's cup of tea. It seems that there are people who find her boring and unappealing. Well, not me. Here are reasons why I like her: she's intelligent and well-read, she has had her shares of troubles but has moved past them, she's sexy, and she always looks stunning in events. The following are Dita looks that I love.

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A Vision in Purple

A Vision in Purple Dita, wearing a one-should Dior, at the Christian Dior Fall 2007 show.


Lace and the 60's

Lace and the 60's Who looks wonderfully put-together in a non-red carpet event?


Doing Good, Looking Good

Doing Good, Looking Good I can't think of anyone who would look better in this Marchesa dress. Can you?


Simple, Dita-Style

Simple, Dita-Style It seems unfair that Dita looks great wearing only simple pieces when I know I would look drab in them.


Like a Birthday Gift

Like a Birthday Gift The cute bow does make her a birthday gift, huh? A gift who gives styling advice.


If Only All Ghosts Look This Good

If Only All Ghosts Look This Good Seriously, I would not be scared of ghosts if they were as stylish as Dita looks here. The collar and pockets of the dress are lovely.


Painting the Town Red

Painting the Town Red Dita looks stunning in a red numberat the Elie Saab show. A bit matchy-matchy but she pulls it off.


Let the Shoes do the Talking

Let the Shoes do the Talking And the brassieres, of course. Here is Dita looking classy at the launch of her Wonderbra Party edition.


Black and Blue

Black and Blue For someone who does the work that she does, she pulls off "sexy but classy" wonderfully.


The Gold Standard

The Gold Standard Here is a look that will surprise anyone who is used to seeing Dita in formal black dresses. Doesn't she look like an Egyptian princess?


Black and Bow

Black and Bow I think I want this as my wedding gown. It can work, right? Perhaps I'm just deceiving myself into thinking that I'dlook great in that dress as Ditadoes.


Pastel Delight

Pastel Delight While I do not approve of the manicure, I love the dress she is wearing. All frilly and fun; perfectly complementing her dangerously sexy aura.


The Only Way to do a Big Collar

The Only Way to do a Big Collar Why do I get the feeling that the dresses Dita wears were only made for her? Because, again, I can't imagine anyone else pulling this off.


Taking a Page off Mrs. Draper's Book

Taking a Page off Mrs. Draper's Book Or is it the other way around? Surely, this look is something that even the impeccably-dressed Mrs. Draper will be too insecure to try.


Fairytale Princess

Fairytale Princess Doesn't she look like a princess here? The photo is gorgeous, too.



Leather-Clad Anyone would have looked like a tacky S&M fetishist in this dress but Dita gives it an air of class.


Can You Handle This?

Can You Handle This? Okay, this lookis making me want to catch one of her shows.


Look past the Hair

Look past the Hair And focus on the Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble. The detailing is exquisite.



Starlit That is one hair accessory that Blair Waldorf would be envious of.


Gray Beautiful

Gray Beautiful This look just oozes class.

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Very classy!!! Love it!!

Lol @ you comment Sheila :P Well celebrities are not our agreable for us two :P You'll come arount on Pattinson!! :P looooool

Our tastes are so alike Sheila!! Well go Dita!! :)

i wish i was her!!!! lol, no im not playing...really, lol

Wow, she always looks so ravishing and feminine.

Meream, Yeah great post, totally loved it. Maybve if you have chance show us some Fergie classy pics.. I totally love her :)

Xanny: Fergie, huh? I'll see what I can do. I may have to find another "adjective" to describe her as I am with Sheila on her being not classy. Haha. Perhaps photos examining her fashion choices?

Meream, Yeah that would be interesting, thanks :D As I suggested it on another post, if anyone can delight me with a post of Paul Walker, that would be great. I totally love him :) Thanks again love :D

Hi Meream! I have to say, she is always looking great and her outfits are chic, elegant and classy. She really looks like a diva, and my favorite dress is the number 3 :)

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