Top 20 Movie Fashion Icons ...


Top 20 Movie Fashion Icons ...
Top 20 Movie Fashion Icons ...

Bringing up Baby - Katharine Hepburn

This movie may be old, but that does not mean that there are no fashion moments in it. In fact, there are some very good fashion moments in it. After all, do you really expect Katharine Hepburn to be in it without having a fashion moment? It starts at 0:16 as Katharine is coming down the stairs in a beautiful, long silky dress.

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Sabrina - Audrey Hepburn

This is one of those classic romantic movies that every girl that is into classics just has to see. Audrey Hepburn is the star of this show. In this particular movie, you will see a lot of fashion scenes in it. Our favorite is the dress Audrey Hepburn is wearing in 1:22 of the video we have posted for you as they are about to dance. This strapless dress really is something.


To Catch a Thief - Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly…she really is something when she plays in “To Catch a Thief.” In 0:18 of this video, you will see her sitting in a nice classic car with her beautiful blonde hair brushed back having a conversation with a well dressed gentleman who might we add, has quite a bit of fashion himself. Did we mention the party in 1:30? That is filled with lots of lovely designs to feast the eyes on. Lots of brilliant colors play the role in this portion of the video. In 2:07, did you see that lovely necklace she has one! A couple seconds before that, they show her walking down the aisle holding up her beautiful dress. Now, this is fashion at its finest!


And God Created a Woman - Bridgitte Barrdot

And God Created a Woman…her name is Bridgitte Barrdot and she stars in this 1956 classic. For those girls out there that have a sense for fashion, you will definitely enjoy seeing this as there are many flattering fashion moments in it. In 0:36,t he dress Bridgitte Barrdot has on really is something. In 1:44, the long hair she has really does show as she is turning. The dress in this scene is also stunning.


Funny Face - Audrey Hepburn

Here we are, with yet another movie that is highly fashionable and has Audrey Hepburn in it. Who exactly who can turn this movie down? In 1:23, before the “water” accident happens, the dress she is wearing really is amazing. Who doesn’t adore that wedding dress on Audrey Hepburn in 1:47?


Breakfast at Tiffany's - Audrey Hepburn

Hey, there’s Audrey Hepburn again staring in yet another famous classic. In 0:13, the crown she is wearing in her hair is absolutely adorable. Yes, I know, you will get stared at if you wore one of those babies in public, but hey, a girl can only dream. In 0:34, the pink outfit with the pink hair accessory she is wearing is also another thing that we adore.


Doctor Zhivago - Julie Christie

This is definitely a classic coming to us from the year 1965. Do you know the scene where Julie Christis reunites with Zhivago after many years? This is definitely a great part.


Belle De Jour - Catharine Deneuve

Do you all remember this movie? Catharine Deneuve sure was a beautiful actress in this movie. In 1:10, her beautiful blonde hair had a lot of shine to it. The top the girl is wearing in 3:13 is something that many girls wanted back then as it was very beautiful.


The Thomas Crown Affair - Faye Dunaway

This particular video I have given you is a scene from the chess scene in the movie. I wanted to share it with you because the dress Faye Dunaway has on really is stunning. This shows us that she is not only beautiful, but is filled with intelligence as well as she is planning her next move in a game of chess.


Love Story - Ali MacGraw

The video I have posted for you is some screenshots from the popular Love Story that came out during the year 1970. There are many fashionable parts in it that many of us remember. One of our favorites is the picture that they show in 1:39.


The Great Gatsby - Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow is popular for playing in the 1974 film, The Great Gatsby. In this, you see many lovely scenes that are filled with eloquence. In this particular video, we think the picture from 0:28 is a lovely picture of her. 1:42, a picture that shows horses is also one of our favorite parts. The hat she has on in 1:19 is also something that is very adorable.


Mahogany - Diana Ross

How can we pass up a movie that has Diana Ross in it. Mahogany from the year 1975 has a lot of lovely shots of her. Her hair in 0:28 is really outstanding. Do you like it? The dress she is wearing in 0:38 is something you have just got to see.


Annie Hall - Diane Keaton

Annie Hall, a movie from 1977, which stars Diane Keaton is something that every classic owner has to have. As she is standing in the line, she seems to be very patient in this movie. In 7:15, she lets her hair flow. In 8:14 as she is dressed in a lovely suit holding a lobster, it really makes you laugh.


American Gigolo - Lauren Hutton

How many of you have watched this film? You will see Lauren Hutton doing a lovely job. As she is laying in the bed on 0:46, you see her hair flowing around her. That’s when you realize just how beautiful of an actress she really is. There are many fashion parts in this movie that is a must see.


Scarface - Michelle Pfeiffer

How many of you have gotten the chance to see Michelle Pfeiffer in the film “Scarface?” This is just one of those gangster movies that you have to see. In 0:55, the wedding dress is amazing.


Pulp Fiction - Uma Turman

Pulp Fiction is definitely something you have to see. Apart from Uma Turman, you will find John Travolta in it as well. In 0:23, the car scene really is something you have to see in the video. The black and white outfit she is wearing in that scene gained a lot of attention.


In the Mood for Love - Maggie Cheung

While you are watching “In the Mood for Love” from the year 2000, you can count on seeing many fashionable parts. Maggie Cheung really is good at capturing everyone’s attention as she is playing in the big screen. The dress in 1:14 with all the flowers really does suit her. It seems that she really does wear a lot of colorful clothes in this movie.


Devil Wears Prada – Meryl Streep

In this movie, the devil really does wear prada…literally. In 1:30 of the scene we have posted, you will see two girls that have some very pretty dresses on. In this movie, you should keep your eyes open as you are going to see many fashion moments. In fact, you may see them change before your eyes…


Sex and the City – Sarah Jessica Parker and Her Movie Besties

Every fairy tale out there has a twist and that is definitely true with Sex and the City. The scene in 1:32 may not be fashionable, but it is definitely something you would expect to see in Sex and the City. The wedding dress in 0:51 is something that many girls want to wear to their own wedding. Also, in 2:01, we must say that it is a very funny part worth seeing. Does Cinderella and the Prince REALLY live happily ever after?


Ugly Betty - America Ferrera and the Mode Mob

Year: 2006-Present
Betty Suarez is sweet, smart and hard working. The only problem is that she is not as beautiful and thin as all of her coworkers at Mode. Mode is the high-fashion magazine where she works. Why did she get hired? In order to be the son’s secretary because they thought she was someone he would never sleep with. The hard work and determination that Betty shows earns Daniel’s respect. But let's not forget about the fashion side of the show (hello, it's a fashion magazine world, after all!). Betty's style is iconic and so are the fierce outfits of Wilhelmina, Marc, Amanda, Claire and many other fabulous characters on the show.

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I see so many good movies here. I would love to see And God Created a Woman with Bridgitte Barrdot I didn't had the chance yet, but I'm sure it's a great movie.

There are certainly some good movies here! I haven’t seen that much of old movies but I loved Doctor Zhivago. Scarface is in my top list as I totally love Alpacino’s movies. And I totally loved The Devil wears Prada, me and my girls love watching this movie when we decide to spend some time indoors with a popcorn and movies :)

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