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You know how you wonder sometimes just how it is that celebrities manage to look beautiful all the freaking time! I am here to show you that that infact is a myth! Celebs are human and they make mistakes, some uglier than others. We proudly bring to you a collection of **recent pictures of worst dressed celebrities **everywhere! You will be suprised to see just how much bad style is floating around! Join us as we countdown from the bad to the worst dressed celebs of recent times!

17. Anastacia at the Capital Radio Jingle Bell Ball Concert:
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I can't tell if that hideous **thing around her neck is a **necklace or part of the dress. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating. In all honesty, I don't hate the outfit but I really don't care for it either.

16. Scarlett Johansson at the Premiere of the Spirit in Paris:

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I usually love Scarlet but this ensemble leaves me a little cold. I like the dress but her hair is a little too pulled back for my liking. Does she look a little Chinese to you too?

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15. Jennifer Connelly at the NY Premiere of the Day the Earth Stood Still:

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Okay, I think Jennifer is a lovely woman. I can live with the shiny β€œdifferent shades of the sky” dress but I cannot get over how** skinny **she looks. Her head looks too big for her body and those knees…those kness make me want to cry! And let me tell you, that limp hair is doing nothing for her either! ** **

14. Kim Kardishian at the Ubisoft TV Party:

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Skank alert! Okay maybe her clothes aren’t all that hideous but you know how you just don’t like some people. She’s one of those for me. Why is she famous again? Besides the sex tape that got β€œstolen and leaked” that is. ** **

13. Jennifer Westfeldt at the NY Premiere of the Day the Earth Stood Still:

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Too white, Too bland, Too boring! Yawwwn! Next…

10. Audrina Patridge:

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Forgettable! ****

9. Angelina Jolie at the Gran Torino Premiere:

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Uggh! She looks so **drab **that I refuse to comment. She better have a darn good excuse for looking like that!

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8. Zooey Deschanel at the Yes Man premiere:

Wide eyes, excessive makeup, floppy hairdo and a fuchsia clutch make Zooey a strange girl. You know the worst part? I actually think she might be pretty under all that! ****

7. Scarlet Johansson at the Norwegian Nobel Committee Banquet:

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Compared to this, the white dress she wore to the premiere of The Spirit looks like a dream. Sometimes experimental goes wrong and this….this has surpassed wrong and gone into the hideous. The dress is so ill fitting that it looks dowdy and Scarlet’s limp hair makes her look** tired and old.** Blech!

6. Lindsay Lohan at the Leggings Promotion at Nordstorm:

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Meet Grandma Lindsay! I mean seriously, how much more boring could it get! And I thought, leggings were supposed to be fun! ****

5. Anne Hathaway:

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Why this girl won’t eat, I will never understand! Such a pretty face **but so dangerously little of it! I really like the top that she’s wearing though. But a frilly top with a frilly skirt is **one too many frills for my eye. ****

4. The Pussycat Dolls at the Capital Radio Jingle Bell Ball Concert:

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The word that immediately pops up in my mind is SKANKY! Who knew it would be this easy to describe four women at one go. Yes, you all have perfect bodies, but do we need to see so much of them ALL the time?? ****

3. Cate Blanchett at the Premiere of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

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*Screams* I want to make a movie now and call it The curious case of the fish scale dress. No, but seriously, Why! Cate Why! Hire a stylist pronto!

2. Bianca Chiminello at the Premiere of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

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Look it’s a strange skinny bird from disaster land! I would shoot myself than be seen in that strange outfit from outerspace. Omg! I just had flashbacks of Bjork’s horrible swan dress!

And the award for the **worst dressed celebrity **goes to:

1. Jada Pinkett Smith at the NY Premiere of the Day the Earth Stood Still:

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Aaaaa! It's Neo...as a woman! Such a pretty face but such a disastrous outfit! What's with the oversized jacket with that hideous belt and why oh why does she insist on carrying that bag. I might have to go back to my therapist after seeing this!

There you have it, the worst dressed celebrities of the recent past. And now its your turn. Feel free to comment and show no mercy. I promise you, there is no better therapy!....And if you thought all hope was lost, don't fret....go visit the list of 6 Best Dressed Celebrities pronto!

Photocredits: Zimbio.com, Hollywoodrag.com

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