7 Celebrity Horror Outfits ...


7 Celebrity Horror Outfits ...
7 Celebrity Horror Outfits ...

What did you think, that you are the only one suffering from the effects of economic crisis? You are sadly mistaken because, in these hard times, even celebs have to figure out a savings strategy. Some prefer to save by completely eliminating the personal stylist and all associated fees and expenses, some decide to consult a stylist only when it proves to be absolutely necessary, while some never had one to begin with. And I bring you the list of celebs that could definitely use a donation:

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Photo Credit: nellyfus

Being Lady Gaga is probably fun but is it environment-friendly? I seriously doubt that because, if it takes 500 years for one regular plastic bag to dissolve, imagine how long it would take for this Gaga “outfit” to go back into the earth. I am dying to see her closet though because, somehow, I don’t believe her outfits could be folded and tucked away until the next use.



Beyonce Photo Credit: Caro_Carlow

Everybody makes mistakes and Honey Bee is apparently trying to prove that although “she’s got beauty, she’s got class,” when it comes to style, she is not always on the top of her game. Showing up in this super-bride costume really makes the “Why don’t you love me?” question seem completely unnecessary. But, hey, if Jay-Z likes it…


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Photo Credit: Manuel W.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Mrs. Beckham is trying to send a clear message. Now, I’m not really a body-language expert but this is how I read it: “OMG! OMG! Look! I have boobs!” Correct me if I’m wrong but most of her outfits are nothing but a size or two too small, designer cloth with only one purpose – to cover up her mid-section so she wouldn’t appear completely naked.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry Photo Credit: KNK

Pin-up style is supposed to be sexy in a glamorous kind of way, and Dita Von Teese really managed to do pull it off even though her job actually involves taking the clothes off. Katy Perry, in the other hand, didn’t quite master the pin-up style and her overly colorful interpretation of it either gives me a headache or makes me wonder where is the rest of her outfit. She has had a few really glamorous appearances which proves two things: First – she does hire a stylist occasionally. And second– her live performances are obviously not one of those moments.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson Photo Credit: BemDevassa

Some celebs shock the public by allowing themselves to show up looking like a mess but Pam shocks everybody by NOT looking like a mess! It doesn’t happen too often, thought. In fact, I’m pretty sure you have better chances of seeing an alien in a hot-pink thong bikini then Pam completely dressed and, even if you get the luck to witness that miracle and live to tell about it, I doubt the word "stylish" would find its way into the conversation.


Mariah Carey

I will leave this to your imagination because I’m trying to pick just one of her outfits to criticize. Now, in case your imagination has a day off, just type her name in Google and you will see what I mean. I recall one fashion critic’s description of Mariah’s style… I believe a “sausage standing on two toothpicks” had been mentioned… Okay, not having a zero waist is something we all have problems with but constantly trying to Photoshop it and then appearing in overly tight clothes that clearly do not flatter your shape… that's just Mariah!


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Photo Credit: rwoan

“Rhianna got to wear I tutu, Katy Perry got to wear a tutu… Daddy! I want a tutu too!” Miley is a cute kid and she is still way too young to have a unique style so using her older colleague’s style tricks is somewhat expected. She should pick her role models more wisely, though!

So, tell me, are you ready to chip in so these gals could visit their stylists more often? Or you maybe think that they do just fine even without one? Some of my friends think I’m being too critical and I would really like to hear your opinion too.

Top Photo Credit: Domain Barnyard

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LOL.........OMG! I loved the way you right the post. Yes though Mariah has a facinating wardrobe but she definately needs a stylist and a fitness trainer.

Pamela Anderson freaks me out. D:

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