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Halloween is quickly creeping up on us and it can be very difficult to find a costume to wear, one that is scary but not to creepy. Here is a list of 8 celebrities to look like this Halloween.

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Recently Rihanna has been photographed wearing some very scary outfits, a mixture of mismatching colours and patterns. It might be worthwhile going through some photographs of her and picking out the worst outfits, then all you have to do is imitate them.


David Arquette

David Arquette Photo Credit: fe505

Now in a lot of pictures and films David Arquette has a look which makes him appear like some kind of serial killer. For a brilliant Halloween costume that does not cost much to achieve, watch a couple of his films and flick through picture so that you can master the look.


Russell Brand

Russell Brand Photo Credit: BBC Radio 5 live

Go on the hunt for a Russell Brand mask that is the easiest way to achieve this outfit, and search for some scruffy clothes that you think he would wear. If you are able to imitate his messed up hair, uncomfortable behaviour and irritable voice then you will achieve a fantastic Halloween costume to annoy others.


Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Photo Credit: Luuuucia:)

In some ways this costume may be a bit of a cop out because the majority of people associate Robert Pattinson with Edward Cullen and vampires. It is relatively easy to create a vampire outfit; buy some fake teeth, use some tomato ketchup or red food dye to make fake blood, pale make up for your complexion and a series of black clothing. However, it is more difficult to turn yourself into an Edward Cullen vampire; to be alluring and scary at the same time.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Photo Credit: [ ??????? // ? QTR

When it comes to Johnny Depp, it is very difficult to decide whether he is attractive or just scary, I think that he sits somewhere in the middle. So why not create a costume that takes this into consideration, mix his Jack Sparrow look with that of Edward Scissor hands to create an all around scary outfit.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Photo Credit: ElvisTR

You may think that this is a strange one because of Angelina Jolie’s beauty but in my opinion she has made the list due to her close resemblance to Mortisha Adams. This is not her physical appearance but how she dresses, often wearing all black ensembles and dark make up. If you can master this look then you have a great outfit for Halloween.


Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Photo Credit: m a n d a

With the massive black beehive and the plentiful use of dark make up, Amy Winehouse is a perfect example of a Halloween costume. The scraggy clothing and tattoos help to add to the horror. You may not want to turn your own hair into a beehive because it can take a long time to comb out again, there are wigs available that look just as good.


Lady Gaga

Sometimes it is really difficult to tell when Lady Gaga is out of costume. With the wild hair, extravagant clothing and plenty of make up it is enough to make anyone scream. So this Halloween, if you are struggling to find something to wear, why not think about what she would wear.

There you have 8 celebrities to look like this Halloween. Hopefully they should give you some ideas of how to dress and you should not be too scary.

Top Photo Credit: •: Victoire Catteneo :•

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I've seen alot of people dressed up as Justin Bieber this year too.


i was lady gaga

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