7 Celeb Cheating Scandals We Wish We Didn't Know about ...


7 Celeb Cheating Scandals We Wish We Didn't Know about ...
7 Celeb Cheating Scandals We Wish We Didn't Know about ...

It seems like every week, there’s a new cheating scandal involving one of our favorite celebs. That’s bad, but what’s worse is when the scandal involves people we don’t really want to think about in any sort of sexual encounter — or if the affair is so over the top, so skeezy, it makes us ill… ick! Here are 7 celeb cheating scandals we wish we didn’t know about…

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Brett and Jenn

Brett and Jenn Come on, Brett! We all know you were quite the skirt-chaser when you were younger, but we all thought you matured past that, especially when your wife told you she’d leave if it happened again. We loved you in those Sears and Wrangler jeans commercials, and loved you even when you retired, or not, and retired again, or not… now this? Kudos to Jenn for brushing off his advances and revealing you for the ridiculous old man you are… and for future reference, not every woman you come into contact with wants to see cell photos of your naughty parts. Gross!


Bill and Monica

Bill and Monica This scandal was so icky in so many ways. First of all, it’s very unbecoming for a man who’s been caught to outright lie. Second, it’s particularly sleazy when the man in question holds high political office, and pretends to be so loyal… and his paramour is one of his interns. And when the details come out (one word: cigar), they’re so… icky… I’ll never look at blue dresses quite the same way again.


Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles and Camilla It’s not that this story is icky because both parties are so unattractive. They obviously love each other very much, and their relationship has been going strong for decades. This affair was so gross because (a) everyone adored Princess Diana, the lovely blond Prince Charles was married to at the time and (b) because no-one ever wanted to hear him say he wished he was Camilla’s tampon, for God’s sake.


Jon Gosselin and … Who, Now?

Jon Gosselin and … Who, Now? First it was the nanny, then it was some innocent-looking school teacher. I’m honestly not sure which is ickier, but even people (like me) who feel Kate is a shrew felt almost sorry for her when these scandals broke. Hey, Jon, remember the “plus eight?” Yeah, you moron, those are your CHILDREN, not just your meal ticket. How about acting a little more like a father and a man?


Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupre

Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Dupre I think the reason so many of us think this scandal was icky is because Dupre is, well, a prostitute. She may be very proud of her Playboy shoot, but if I had to choose my 15 minutes of fame, being Spitzer’s hooker of choice and then baring all for a skin mag wouldn’t be my choice. He’s come away from the scandal losing very little, but Dupre?


Tiger Woods and Everyone besides Elin

Tiger Woods and Everyone besides Elin This affair scandal is disgusting not only because we all thought Tiger was such a good role model, or because he and his wife seemed so happy, or even because he has small children. This scandal was so unpalatable because there were simply so many women involved. Yeah, I’d have gone after him with a golf club, too, Elin.


Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Jones

Ashton Kutcher and Brittney Jones Because I’m not in the age when most women become certifiable cougars, this breaks my little heart. Demi Moore is the very definition of a cougar, landing a charming, goofy, much younger and handsome Ashton. She emboldened a lot of women, and no-one was really embarrassed for her until this little tale came out. By the way, Ashton, if you’re going to cheat on your wife, why not choose a girl who’s a lot better-looking than this little sleaze?

These are just a few of the affair scandals I wish I didn’t know about… going way back, remember Frank Gifford and that chesty flight attendant? That was pretty nasty, too… *shudder* Which of these scandals bothers you most, and why? Or is there another one I left off my list that makes you ill? Oh, please share!

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isn't it disgusting when men or women cheats!!!

gasp! i hate ashton... well and everybody in this list! AGREE WITH THAT ROYAL PAIN IN THE *SS AND THAT CAMILA B*TCH... they diserve each other... but COME ON, don't do that to the country!

I think women hate it most when the other girl is uglier, because that just threatens us. Then we have this whole personality crisis...And omg how could you cheat on Diana??? Everyone thought she was absolutely out of your league!!!

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Everyone liked the idea of the classic bad boy and the girl next door. Plus, who doesn't love Sandra Bullock?

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