10 Celebrities Who've Excelled at Weird Children's Names ...


10 Celebrities Who've Excelled at Weird Children's Names ...
10 Celebrities Who've Excelled at Weird Children's Names ...

Is it the bright lights of fame and the need to perpetuate their presence in the daily news that cause celebrities to saddle their unsuspecting offspring with off-the-wall names? After all, just announcing the birth of Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence or Fifi Trixiebelle Geldof takes up a good few newspaper column inches on their own. We can only speculate what was behind some of the names here.

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The accolade for the most bizarre number of names in one family has to go to Frank Zappa. This musician left us the legacy of Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva Muffin and Amet Amuukha Rodan. A lineup that would grace the cast list of a Pixar movie as much as a family tree.



Well they do say that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree but maybe calling your daughter Apple is taking it a bit too literally. Let’s hope the progeny of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin finds her name ap-peel-ing.


Rocky Road to Ruin

Sage Moonblood Stallone. I’m simply knocked out by this one and lost for words.


Furry Dilemma

Possibly Sean Penn wasn’t looking forward to fatherhood and was wishing for a pet rabbit instead. What other reason could he and Robin Wright have for calling their son Hopper?


Superhero or Super Silly?

When Nicolas Cage names his son Kal-el Coppola there’s no quibble with paying homage to a great film director and reverting to Nic’s birth name. No problem for a boy with a stellar actor for a father but how ever is he going to live up to being called Superman’s real Kryptonite name?


Have Baby, Will Travel

Maybe Gary Oldman was remembering his favourite childhood book or he was at the film premiere when he and Donya Fiorentino decided on Gulliver as their child’s name. Well at least they didn’t choose Brobdingnag (one of the lands Gulliver’s Travels take him).


Named after a Future Career

Moxie Crimefighter is just about as daft as you can get. Celebrity magician Penn really pulled that one out the hat.


The Show Must Go on, and on, and on, and on, and on

Vanity, boredom, lack of imagination or inability to remember names might be possible explanations for why George Forman has named his boys George Jr, George III, George IV, George v and George VI.


Tomorrow is Just Another Day

No it isn’t. It is also the name that Rob Morrow (Lost) has bestowed in infinite wisdom on his daughter. Don’t worry Tu Morrow, the sun will come out, erm tomorrow.


No Strings Attached

...to this Banjo. The son of actress Rachel Griffiths is bound to be a hit. Send him an invite to a party and not only do you get a guest but also a musical instrument. Let’s hope he can live his life to his own tune.

Only time will tell if these names will have proven to be an asset or a hindrance. But I reckon there's plenty more that should have made this list?

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michel jacson shud be here...... his one son is called blanket..

I know people with names...Robot, Linton, Pepsi.

BANJO!!!!! I LOVE BANJO (the instrument)!!!!!!

Tu morrow is hilarious! but you forgot that girl who named her children Trig, Track and Willow!

I wonder if celebrities compete to see who's kid has the wierdest name

How about prince Michael Jackson? I like fairly normal, but uncommon names, like Sierra and Kapri. I have a friend named pepsi. No lie.

Frank Zappa was out to lunch when he named his kids. :) My name isn't half as bad - Seven.

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