7 Celebs with OCD ...

I’ve been dealing with OCD for most of my adult life, and though it doesn’t interfere with my everyday life, one peek into my closet and it’s obvious: I have a thing for organization. I’m not alone, either: there are hundreds of thousands of my fellow Americans who also have some form of OCD, and that includes a long list of celebs. Some of them might surprise you, too! Here are 7 celebrities with OCD.

1. Howie Mandell

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Photo Credit: ctv.ca
Howie Mandell was the first celeb I ever heard of who has OCD, and his compulsion is all about germs. Can you blame him? In his role as a game show host, he meets so many people, from so many places… that’s a LOT of germs! Now I want to wash my hands all the time, too…

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