7 Celebs with OCD ...


7 Celebs with OCD ...
7 Celebs with OCD ...

I’ve been dealing with OCD for most of my adult life, and though it doesn’t interfere with my everyday life, one peek into my closet and it’s obvious: I have a thing for organization. I’m not alone, either: there are hundreds of thousands of my fellow Americans who also have some form of OCD, and that includes a long list of celebs. Some of them might surprise you, too! Here are 7 celebrities with OCD.

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Howie Mandell

Photo Credit: ctv.ca
Howie Mandell was the first celeb I ever heard of who has OCD, and his compulsion is all about germs. Can you blame him? In his role as a game show host, he meets so many people, from so many places… that’s a LOT of germs! Now I want to wash my hands all the time, too…


Billy Bob Thornton

Photo Credit: humormeblog.beloblog.com

As talented as he is, Billy Bob Thornton deals with a pretty extraordinary form of OCD, his having to do with numbers. He compulsively figures numbers he encounters, and has certainsuperstitions about them, especially the ages of his children. I loathe math — this would be an awful compulsion to have!


Megan Fox

Megan Fox Photo Credit:fanpop.com

Megan Fox revealed in May that she hates dirt… but her obsession goes further than that. She refuses to use cutlery in restaurants (does she bring her own?) or use public restrooms (can you blame her?). Her compulsion doesn’t seem to impact her life in general though… as long as she can carry her own silverware in her handbag, and doesn’t ever have to use the restroom while she’s out and about, she ought to be fine, right?


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron Photo Credit: fanpop.com

This gorgeous Oscar-winning actress suffers from anxiety around a compulsion I recently won a battle with — cabinets and cupboards. She, like I, stresses about keeping her cabinets in order, and has admitted to actually losing sleep over it. I don’t… anymore… but it took a long time for me to get here.


Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Photo Credit: fanpop.com

Here’s another celeb with a thing about germs. Diaz focuses her germ-fighting obsession on two specific places, though — her hands and doorknobs. In an interview with ABC News, she admitted that some of the doorknobs in her home are shedding paint because she’s washed them so much.


David Beckham

Photo Credit: connect.in.com

It gives me more pleasure than I can express to say that Dave Beckham and I have the same obsessions, starting in our closets. We both have to have everything sorted just so, and hanging on just the right hangers. His other compulsion is unique, though, not something we share — everything in this three fridges has to match, and be an EVEN number.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Photo Credit: fanpop.com

We’ve all heard the superstition: step on a crack, break your mother’s back. Leo doesn’t technically believe this, but his superstition made him compulsively step on the same spots or cracks in a sidewalk every time he walked anywhere. How could he even remember every step he took? I sure couldn’t.

It seems that there are just as many of my favorite leading men and leading ladies who are dealing with their own OCD… and I think that’s reflected in the numbers of regular Joes (and Janes, like me) who are affected by it. Do you know of any other celebs that have OCD? Or do you deal with some form of it yourself? Please share!

Top image source: images2.fanpop.com

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You're so lucky.

There's many levels in OCD, but the main categories are still focused around checking and cleaning. Everything outside of these 2, is usually considered to be nothing more than a very light form of OCD and is often even called "being neurotic". In the case of David Beckham however, I think we're dealing with a form of autism rather than actual OCD, he seems to be too obsessed with order to be diagnosed with OCD. It is of course possible that he suffers from more than 1 disorder.

I am a neat freak but dont know it should be considered as OCD or not.

I have OCD, I have to step on every crack, chew the same number of times on each side of my mouth, and freak out about eraser shreds.

It's not actually considered OCD unless it interferes with your daily life

I don't know if this counts as one but for me volumes any types have to be on a even number I can have them on odds at all

That's very interesting

maybe it can't be called OCD, but they are still weird obsessions and they are very annoying. For me everything has to be in order and clean, jut perfect or I freak out inside my head. When I watch TV volume has to be at intervals of five, if it is not like that I simply feel awkward. And I also have to chew the same number of times wih each side of my mouth or else I'll just keep eating till I think is right. The worst part is that I try to do something to fight it but I can't!

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