7 Funny Superstitions ...


7 Funny Superstitions ...
7 Funny Superstitions ...

I have never really been a superstitious girl. I mean, if a black cat walks in front of me on a sidewalk, I don’t run in my house and think that bad luck is near. If I break a mirror, I don’t fear that I am going to have seven years of bad luck and walking under a ladder, well that’s not bad news to me. Opening up an umbrella inside isn’t even bad news for me. I mean, I can say this, because I have done it all – you know, to break those myths. Or, is it the fact that you have to believe it is going to happen in order for it to happen? I mean, if you believe you are going to have bad luck, then perhaps, subconsciously, you are going to cause that bad luck. I am going to give you 7 funny superstitions.

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Woodpecker, Woodpecker, What Will You Bring

Even though I am not superstitious, I really like this one. When you hear a woodpecker outside, then that means that rain will be coming along soon. That’s pretty cool – but I have heard woodpeckers many times and they weren’t followed by rain.


Woodpeckers are fascinating creatures, and they have been associated with superstitions for centuries. In some cultures, people believe that hearing a woodpecker tapping on a tree is a sign of rain, while in others, woodpeckers are seen as a symbol of good luck.

Historically, woodpeckers have been seen as a sign of good luck in many cultures, and they are often associated with fertility and abundance. In some Native American tribes, woodpeckers are seen as a symbol of strength and courage, and they are often associated with the sun and rain. In Japan, woodpeckers are known as “toki”, which means “bringer of luck”, and they are believed to bring good fortune to those who hear them.


Uninvited Guest

Did you accidentally over flow that cup of tea? Well, some say that when you do this, that means that you are going to get an uninvited guest shortly.


Many cultures around the world have superstitions that have been passed down for generations, and some of them are quite funny. One of the most well-known superstitions is that when you accidentally spill tea, you will soon have an uninvited guest. This superstition has been around for centuries, and there are several different interpretations of it.

Some believe that spilling tea is a sign of good luck, and that it will bring a visitor with good news. Others believe that an uninvited guest could bring bad news, and that spilling tea is a sign of impending doom. Still others believe that spilling tea is a sign of impending change, and that it will bring a visitor who will bring a shift in the status quo.

The superstition of an uninvited guest after spilling tea has been around since the 16th century, when it was believed that spilling tea was a sign of a death in the family. In some cultures, it was believed that the tea spilled was a sign of the ghost of a loved one coming back to visit.



I don’t think you should kill a ladybug. They say that it is bad luck if you kill a ladybug. I am not superstitious, but I think Lady Bugs are my symbol of good luck.


Keys on a Table

Hey, don’t put your keys on that table, if you are superstitious. They say that when you place your keys on a table, it is considered unlucky. Yeah, so start hanging them on the key holder next to the door. You know, because if you lay them on a table, they are doomed to end up in a toddlers hands (if you have a toddler) and I guess, in a way, this is bad luck.


Under an Open Ladder

Oh, you walked under an open ladder? It’s okay, just walk backwards under the open ladder and it is going to reverse your bad luck.


Dead Shrew

There is an old custom saying that if you carry a dead shrew in your pocket, it is going to help ward off rheumatism. Please, I beg of you, don’t go carrying a dead shrew in your pocket.


Groom and Wedding Bands

If you have a wedding, I hope the groom does not drop the band during the ceremony! I think that if he drops those bands during the ceremony, he is nervous and this is normal, so don’t let it bother you.

Those are 7 funny superstitions that I thought you would find funny. Of course, many of you probably already knew about these superstitions, but I still wanted to share it with those that didn’t know about them. Do you have any favourite superstitions you would like to add to this list?

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7 Superstitions? Was that meant to be a pun, cuz 7's a lucky number.

does anyone know why they say 'bad things come in threes'? I was born at 3 minutes to 3 on the 3rd. So I beg to differ!!!


Why does anyone would want to kill a ladybug anyway? they're cute and pretty

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