7 Make-Believe Creatures I Wish Were Real ...

Think about it β€” we come in contact with so many mythical, make-believe characters each year. From Baby New Year and Father Time in January to Santa Claus at Christmas, there seems to be someone new and exciting each month. If only some of these pretend people were real! Here are 7 make-believe creatures I wish were real.

1. Santa Claus

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Photo Credit: pdphoto.org

Whether you want to trace the legend of the Santa Claus to Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, or Odin, or all three, they all bear only a passing resemblance to the heavily commercialized version we know now. But still, what’s not to love? He knows what gift we want to receive more than anything, and on Christmas Day, he leaves it for us. He’s jolly, not concerned about calories, and has impeccable taste in red velvet clothing. Oh, how I wish he were real!

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