7 Make-Believe Creatures I Wish Were Real ...


7 Make-Believe Creatures I Wish Were Real ...
7 Make-Believe Creatures I Wish Were Real ...

Think about it — we come in contact with so many mythical, make-believe characters each year. From Baby New Year and Father Time in January to Santa Claus at Christmas, there seems to be someone new and exciting each month. If only some of these pretend people were real! Here are 7 make-believe creatures I wish were real.

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus Photo Credit: pdphoto.org

Whether you want to trace the legend of the Santa Claus to Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, or Odin, or all three, they all bear only a passing resemblance to the heavily commercialized version we know now. But still, what’s not to love? He knows what gift we want to receive more than anything, and on Christmas Day, he leaves it for us. He’s jolly, not concerned about calories, and has impeccable taste in red velvet clothing. Oh, how I wish he were real!


The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny Photo Credit: honeygrovechamber.com

As a woman who adores chocolate more than any other food on earth, I am especially fond of the Easter Bunny, who brings me a big basket heaped with Lindt and Ghirardelli every spring. Oh, and the Cadbury’s Cream Eggs. And Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. And sometimes, Tiffany jewelry. I love the Easter Bunny, who happens to be, at this time, my boyfriend. I can’t wait to see the “Hop” movie, too!


The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy Photo Credit: toddharrisfamily.blogspot.com

Feared and loved in equal measure by children across the United States, the Tooth Fairy is one of my heroes as a parent. I can’t think of any other way we parents can convince our children to let us pull their loose teeth, or to help them think of it as a positive thing, not a negative. I like to imagine her like the Fairy from Pinocchio, sweet and kind, with a bandolier of teeth across her chest.


Prince Charming

Prince Charming Photo Credit: boysofdisney.tumblr.com

Someday my Prince will come, right? Right? Well, maybe. But it’s nice to day-dream about Prince Charming, handsome, well-read, kind to animals, the elderly, and small children. He doesn’t have to be tall, dark, and handsome… my demands have become more reasonable as I’ve aged.


Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother Photo Credit: fairygodsistersink.com

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Fairy Godmother? She could help you on bad hair days, provide much-needed wardrobe advice in an instant, and even provide unique eco-friendly (though temporary) transportation … she might also help connect you with Prince Charming (see item 4, above).



Unicorns Photo Credit: katemckinnon.wordpress.com

What little girl hasn’t wished that unicorns were real? I’d want one. A pink one with a purple mane and sparkling eyes and… *ahem* sorry, I’ve gotten carried away. But seriously, any woman who was once a little girl, playing with My Little Ponies, wants unicorns to be real.


Lady Luck

Lady Luck Photo Credit: american-buddha.com

If Lady Luck were real, I just know she and I would be besties, and she’d smile on me. I’d take her to Vegas, Atlantic City, and just about anywhere else an unlucky, clumsy girl like me could stand to have some fun. I’m not saying I’d use her for money or anything — but how cool would it be to be the girl with Lady Luck on her side?

See what I mean? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if these make-believe creatures were real? Which of these pretend people would you want to meet, and why? Please share!

Top image source: indulgy.com

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I want Genies to be real too!

This was such an adorable post :) I've never heard of lady luck though.

I wish all the characters from Ice Age were real! I sooo love that series :)

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