8 Stupid School Names ...


8 Stupid School Names ...
8 Stupid School Names ...

Your schooldays are meant to be the best days of your life. For some of us though they are filled with horrible memories, nasty kids, nightmare teachers and things you just want to forget. What could make it worse? Maybe the fact that you went to butts road high school? A school name follows you wherever you go. It’s on your CV, your HSD and a whole host of other official documents. Here are 8 stupid school names that I’m certainly glad I'm not an alumnus of.

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Making the Breast of Kindergarten

Making the Breast of Kindergarten Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
Good job the kids that go to the Tiny Tits School have no idea why their school name is funny.


Dead Funny

Dead Funny Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
Would you be comfortable sending your little one to Massacre Pre-School? Wonder what they teach kids in there...


Dumb and Dummer

Dumb and Dummer Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
Does this stupid school name signify a lack of straight A students?



*!@*!@ Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
A four letter word and sexy female body parts all in the one stupid school name. Now that’s going some. Way to go West Fukasumi Titnipple High.


XXX Rated

XXX Rated Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
Is this where they teach you how to star in porn movies or watch them?


Obvious Statement

Obvious Statement Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
Hmm, not a stupid name of a school per se but certainly a very peculiar advertisement. What else would a school be if not child friendly?


Butt of All Jokes

Butt of All Jokes Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
Well this school name is certainly grammatically correct as written butt (!) it gives a good excuse for a giggle.


Not the Best Start in Life

Not the Best Start in Life Photo Credit: www.epicfail.com
Would you little boy get an inferiority complex by being sent to the Pansy Kidd Middle School?

What a list of unfortunate but stupid school names. I went to Southbrook so there’s no stigma attached to my school name. How about yours?

Top Photo Credit: Ms. Kathleen

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hahahahah! ANUS? LOL

Crazy heads,stupid indeed !

ha ha very funny

LOL....how funny they are. Homework must be strict no-no in child friendly school .

Quite funny! However No.2 seems more ironic with the violence taking place in school these days.

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