Old Meets New the Iconic Art of George Chamoun ...


Old Meets New the Iconic Art of George Chamoun ...
Old Meets New the Iconic Art of George Chamoun ...

What do you think would happen if old Hollywood's glamour really met modern Hollywood's edginess? Usually such questions are metaphorical at best, left up to your imagination, but artist George Chamoun has created a series of stunning works of art that let you really see what would happen. He's done more than that, really, but it's hard to explain until you see his work for yourself. Of course I'm going to share, though! And I have no doubt that y'all are going to be as appreciative as I was when you get a look at what Chamoun's done with some of the world's most favorite stars, from two entirely different eras.

The photos you see here are from a project George calls Iconatomy -- from "icon" and "anatomy," of course, and the name is truly fitting.
This is a combination of Angelina Jolie and Liz Taylor. It's not a morph -- none of the photos here are. As the artist himself says, it's a collage of two entirely different people, and he went through a lot of work to find two pictures that fit together like this. I say he did an incredible job -- and you haven't even seen the best of it yet.
Here you have George Clooney with Cary Grant -- the two men fit together like they were related! The fact that they're both huge leading men, men who smolder, have tons of mystique, and left lots of ladies heartbroken in their wakes, makes this a particularly perfect fit, don't you think?
Now we have Scarlett Johansson with Marilyn Monroe: two of the biggest blond bombshells the world has ever known. These two are definitely icons, and I can't imagine what would happen if there was actually a woman like this walking around out there. The overall feeling you get is entirely different from the collage mixing Natalie Portman and Audrey Hepburn:
Again, this fits together so perfectly that it makes you wonder if Natalie isn't distantly related to the divine Miss Hepburn. They match up with each other right down to the size and shape of their gorgeous doe eyes. But Chamoun doesn't focus solely on the ladies, don't worry. Whether you're a bit of a rebel or a vampire at heart, I'm sure a lot of you can appreciate this combination:
I was actually surprised to see how well Robert Pattinson matched up with beautiful James Dean. I can just imagine how much painstaking detail goes into creating something like this.

I certainly hope George Chamoun doesn't stop there! If you'd like to keep an eye on this amazing artist, you can check out his page and see what else he's done! In the meantime, what do you think of these? And are there any other celebrities from these two amazing eras you think would fit together?

Top Image Source: georgechamoun.tumblr.com

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Whoa!! The James Dean/Robert Pattinson is just amazing, hahha, we've to clear things up I SIMPLY LOVE JAMES DEAN

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