7 Best Google Doodles


7 Best Google Doodles
7 Best Google Doodles

Ever since Google started the practice of creating themed homepage logos, called, ‘doodles’, it has attracted a lot of attention. Now, people simply expect Google to commemorate important dates with their doodles and look forward with great anticipation to the art created by Google’s artists. Here is my list of 7 best Google doodles.

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Michael Jackson Doodle

On 29th August 2009, a couple months after his untimely death, on the day that would have been his 51st birthday, Google paid homage to the ‘King of Pop’. The one image that instantly brings Michael Jackson to mind was used to replace the two O’s of Google. What is that image? –two feet, pointed downwards, wearing patent leather shoes over white socks under trousers that are a tad bit short. As a big fan of Michael Jackson, to me, this is one of the best Google doodles ever.


Braille Doodle

On 4th January 2006, Google commemorated the 197th birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of the Braille language that allowed visually impaired people to read. So, what did the logo look like? Five blue, three red, three yellow, four, three green and two red dots.


Leonardo Doodle

On 15th Aril 2005, Google commemorated the 553rd birthday of the Italian master, Leonardo Da Vinci, by incorporating two of his most famous paintings in its logo. The Vitruvian Man formed the first O while the Mona Lisa formed the second one. Many people consider this one of the best Google doodles ever.


Flyer Doodle

In the year 2005, on the day that marks the centenary of first Wright Brother’s flight in an aircraft that was heavier than air – 17th December - Google commemorated the feat that gave birth to the modern aviation industry. Its logo incorporated an illustration of an aircraft whereby its two propellers formed the two O’s.


Scream Doodle

This does not refer to the movie ‘Scream’ or its subsequent sequels. It refers to the world famous painting by Edvard Munch that depicts the angst and isolation of urban life. On 12th December 2006, the day that would have been the artist’s 146th birthday, Google honored him by incorporating the screaming figure’s head in its second O.


DNA Doodle

There is no doubt that the discovery of the DNA has been an important landmark in the scientific world. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this momentous discovery by James Watson and Francis Crick, Google replaced its double O’s with the double helix, the shape of the DNA.


Einstein Doodle

To commemorate the 124th birthday of the genius, Google replaced its first O with a caricature of Einstein’s head and used its E to start his groundbreaking formula E=mc (square).

As is evident by this list of 7 best Google doodles, Google certainly has its finger firmly on the pulse of the people. Not only does it use its homepage to honor important dates, people and occasions, it does so with great creativity and flair.

Top image source: blog.kashifriaz.eu

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