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20 Kids and Counting ...

By Lyndsie

Do any of you watch 19 Kids and Counting? Perhaps you watched 16, 17, 18 Kids and Counting, too. And it's going to be 20 Kids and Counting, presumably, if it makes another season. From all appearances, there will be another one. I was going to just let this one slide by, but Michelle Duggar's announcement following the family's recent season finale has gone so viral it's practically contagious – and I officially caught the cold.
I don't watch 19 Kids and Counting (or any of its predecessors) that often, but I'm not above catching repeats on TLC. I don't necessarily agree with the Duggars' religions or philosophies, but it's honestly not up to me to judge, you know? However, I do sometimes wonder...

Right now people are asking, when will it be enough? Because the question coming up more than anything is this: are Michelle and Jim Bob continuing to have children because of their religion, or does the show have anything at all to do with it? Would TLC pull the plug if they weren't able to change the title every year or so? Naturally the Duggars had means of income before the show, but there are rumors -- mostly courtesy of E! Online, so they should be taken with a grain or two of salt -- that, two years ago, the family received anywhere between $25,000 and $40,000 episode. Given how many children they have, I'm sure that's a huge help.

The thing is, Michelle is now 45. Her last baby had a very, very hard go of it. So when it reaches a point that Michelle, her child, or both might be in danger during the pregnancy, what happens?

What do you think?

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