10 Strange Toilets from around the World ...


10 Strange Toilets from around the World ...
10 Strange Toilets from around the World ...

When nature calls, one just has to go. Simple, right? But sometimes the friendly toilet may not be that familiar afterall, as I found out when I came across these rather strange toilets from around the world. It's amazing how creative one can get with the restroom and really, why should peeing be a boring experience? Whether you agree or not, you have to check out these bizarre loos...

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Playstation Toilet

Playstation Toilet How about a little car racing while we race to see who finishes first? Yes, please! I bet a lot of boys would love this Playstation Toilet. As if trying to get them off their video games wasn't hard enough already.


The PlayStation Toilet certainly takes the throne for blending gaming and private time. With a controller holstered next to the paper roll, it promises to make bathroom breaks anything but brief. Ideal for the gamers who can't bear to pause the action, this invention surely scores high on the level of quirkiness. Multitasking has never seemed more appealing, but good luck convincing anyone to return to the living room. This might just redefine the notion of a "captive audience" for both die-hard fans and reluctant gamers alike. Scoring high scores while... well, you know, truly a peculiar experience!


In the Middle of Nowhere

In the Middle of Nowhere My "private time" is usually a time to think, reflect and ponder over life's meaning and mysteries and this strange lonely toilet in the middle of nowhere is perfect for thinkers like me *cough*. I just don't know what I'd clean up with after. Never mind, look at all that ice!


Imagine the solitude of nature as your only company while you ponder the vast expanse of life. The serenity might be just the thing for an introspective deep-dive into your thoughts, with nary a soul to interrupt. This icy throne offers an unrivaled quietude that many might find unsettling, but for the pensive soul, it's a dream. Just be sure to pack some eco-friendly wipes in your backpack—you wouldn't want to leave any trace in this pristine wilderness, after all. And let's face it, this location is a cool story to tell, but perhaps it's a tad too cold for comfort!


Like the Old Days

Like the Old Days This ancient beauty comes with an ashtray, a candle holder, a hand painted toilet bowl and plaque. It also plays music when you raise the lid and includes a pull chain flush with bell. Royal treatment indeed!


Imagine swooning to a classical tune as you lift the seat, your very own porcelain orchestra serenading you to a royal flush. This elegant commode transports you back in time to a period of opulence and grandeur, making even your most mundane bathroom trips feel like a regal affair. Fitted with the plush conveniences of a bygone era, it's hard not to feel like nobility with every pull of the vintage chain—complete with the pleasant ding that signals a successful flush. A true throne that blurs the line between modern necessity and aristocratic luxury.


Holy Pee

Holy Pee This is just wrong on so many levels.


Peek a Boo

Peek a Boo This is by far the coolest (albeit a little strange) public toilet concept I have ever come across! These disappearing urinals are located in London and they pop up every night at about 10 pm so that the party people have a place to relieve themselves in and they disappear once again at sunrise. Just.like.magic. I think every big city should get these.


Clown Toilet

Clown Toilet I have been petrified of clowns ever since I watched Stephen King's It and this right here would be the toilet of my nightmares. Clown face with a giant mouth? Thanks but no thanks. My privates are not going anywhere near that thing.


The Rich Toilet

The Rich Toilet I don't know what the point of this 900-pound solid gold toilet is but I know I want one for my future living room (the imaginary one where I'm filthy rich). It will go perfectly with my 900-pound solid gold giant sculpture of me.


On the Go

On the Go I'm not much of a multi-tasker but I do have immense respect for someone who can do the deed and run errands at the same time. Bravo!


Toilets around the world are vastly different from one another. From traditional squat toilets to modern, western-style toilets, there is a wide variety of toilets to be found around the world.

In Japan, for example, you can find toilets with heated seats, water jets, and air dryers. In some places in China, you can find traditional squat toilets, which are holes in the ground that you squat over. In India, you can find waterless urinals, which use a chemical reaction to break down urine into a harmless odourless liquid.

In the Netherlands, you can find the famous "Spoelbak" toilet, which is essentially a urinal with a bowl of water to flush the waste away. In Germany, you can find the "Klosett" toilet, which is a combination of a toilet and a bidet.

In the United States, you can find the "On the Go" toilet, which is a mobile toilet that can be set up anywhere. It is designed to be used in places where traditional toilets are not available, such as parks, beaches, and other outdoor locations. It is equipped with a sink, a toilet, and a holding tank for waste.


Ego Booster

Ego Booster Oh you classy toilet you! I can imagine how amusing this must be for most men. Gentlemen, you can keep your small joys, we still have Johnny Depp. Ha!


Let's Get Musical

Let's Get Musical Yes that would be a trumpet and yes, it is pretty cool. I just don't know how easy it is to aim into a trumpet toilet. I think this is one of those things that works better in theory unfortunately.

The world is a strange place full of sights, sounds and strange toilets. Do share some of your own finds while I design my own one of a kind toilet that puts these to shame!

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9 Is funny!! But they're very common around the world.

I would have never imagined....really!

4 Haha! But so true...

I have two oft the lips urinals in my pub Shenanigans in Tenerife and they must be the most photographed thing in Tenerife, a real talking point.

it's a tuba...

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