7 Lesser-Known Phobias ...


7 Lesser-Known Phobias ...
7 Lesser-Known Phobias ...

Most people can list at least three types of phobias including the ones that involve height, spiders, small spaces, blood or even strangers. Unfortunately, this list gets updated very often and you’d actually be surprised to know how many different phobias there are! Some of the reasons people fear certain things are quite rational but there are always that few, totally bizarre, lesser-known phobias that are too funny to be taken seriously and too serious to start cracking jokes about them. Interested to know more? Well keep reading because this post contains 7 strange, very real phobias that definitely fall under the category of lesser-known phobias.

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Tech revolution has brought us more than just new ways of communication; we also have new phobias like fear of being unable to use your cell phone to communicate with others. Yup, this phobia may sound bizarre but it’s very real and it even has a medical name – nomophobia. People suffering from nomophobia won’t leave the house without their cell phone, they will probably even take it to bathroom and, if you happen to get caught in a place with no cell phone coverage in the company of a friend suffering from this phobia, you’re about to witness some major freaking out!



Well, if you though Nomophobia is the one and only one on the list of strange, a bit bizarre and definitely lesser-known phobias, you’re in for a big surprise. Nope, a person suffering from metrophobia isn’t afraid of metros or subways, the thing that make this person’s heart rate go up is listening or reading POETRY! Yup, I know… you definitely didn’t see that coming!



If this name made you feel kind of odd, you might be suffering from this phobia… Now, the name itself is a bit over-exaggerated but it can give you a clue about the thing people suffering from this phobia fear – long words! I’d say this phobia has the strangest, longest name of all lesser-known phobias I know, but it certainly deserves the place number three, as the third weirdest phobia ever.



A very logical name for a truly bizarre phobia – the patients suffering from this phobia exhibits irrational fear of number 8. Now, I’m not even sure how a person that fears number 8 makes phone calls, reads newspapers or uses household items! It’s definitely not the easier disorder to control and medical experts agree on that stating that in some cases, this irrational fear becomes so overwhelming, people experience anxiety attacks and rapid heartbeat.



Fifth on my list of lesser-known phobias is genuphobia or a fear of kneecaps, if you prefer. You’ll definitely want to avoid wearing skirts or shorts in the presence of somebody suffering from this uncommon phobia because, for this person, the sight of your bare knees isn’t attractive but badly disturbing instead.



Very popular amongst young children, this phobia that involves the fear of going to sleep isn’t on this list of lesser-known phobias because it’s rare but because most people outgrow it long before it starts affecting their lives. A Boogie Monster, fear of dark and other irrational fantasies could make your child reluctant to go to bed but there is no need to worry as this fear is just temporary and it will go away as the child grows up.



But what would you have to say about the fear of crosses and crucifix? Well, believe it or not, this phobia really exists and it goes by the name of staurophobia. I’d say being a deeply religious Christian suffering from staurophobia is a task worthy of a saint status! But, no…I simply refuse to make any jokes as this is a serious condition that often requires hospitalization and treatment.

Have you heard of some other lesser-known phobias and would you be interested in sharing your knowledge with us today? I, for example, feel uncomfortable being alone in the dark although my fear isn’t too strong and it definitely can’t mess with my desire to get some sleep.

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i m afraid of reptiles...what is it called???

Styrophobia. The fear of the sound/texture/ and sight of styrofoam. A very odd and not well know phobia that I sadly have been suffering from for years.

Who said somniphobia is something you get rid of when you grow older....I am full grown adult and still somniphobiac and it get worse when I have to sleep alone at night. You know what I am hooked to all womenstalk because I have to stay wide awake at night.

OMG! I'm nomophobic!

I'm appaled... Fear of poetry?! Really? Damn... And I thought agoraphobia was a stupid condition...

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