8 Famous Serial Killers ...

For those of you looking for a bit of gruesome reading, take a look at the list I’ve compiled below. Here are 8 famous serial killers with a short summary of their existence. Some descriptions are a bit more detailed than others. You’ll have to look up the actual person if you want all the gory details. I’ve summed up most of the major details in the list below.

8. The Zodiac Killer

Image source: newyorkstatenews.org

Based in Northern California, this individual committed a number of murders between the late 60s and early 70s. His identity still is unknown. He would send taunting letters to the local newspaper that were written in cryptograms. There are sill three letters that haven’t been cracked. 37 murders were claimed by the Zodiac killer in letters to the paper, but only 7 were actually confirmed. It’s difficult to know just how many killings were done by the same person and how many were claimed by the name ‘Zodiac’ but actually performed by separate individuals.