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5 Juicy Celebrity Tidbits to Delight You ...

By Meream

1 Tour Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills Home

It's for sale, by the way. If you have an extra $42 million somewhere, you might want to buy Jen's house. But first, do you like her taste?

2 Gorgeous Moms on the Red Carpet

Did you keep tabs on the moms that hit the Oscars red carpet? Who were your favorites? Mine would have to be Reese Witherspoon. She looked beautiful.

3 Baby Oscar for Natalie?

I agree with her, though, having two Oscars in the house can be confusing. Although, the name Oscar does carry some sort of magic for this time in her life no?


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4 Unforgettable Celebrity Hairstyles

Britney and her pink wig. The Rachel. Amy Winehouse's beehive. Fun 'dos; fun styles to copy. Methinks this list is missing a Rihanna hairstyle, though.

5 Animosity between James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Do they hate each other? Their reps say that it's not true. I hope not! I want them to have babies together!

So tell us, what celeb news did you find juicy today?

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