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4 Exciting Celebrity News ...

By Meream

I don't own a TV. One would think that not owning a TV would make me ignorant of the happenings of the lives of celebrities. But this is not the case as I am online every day and I check celebrity blogs more than I check my own social networking profiles. I am that addicted. Today I share to you some news that I find exciting around the celebrity world.

Table of contents:

  1. the september issue premiere
  2. the beautiful life posters
  3. marc jacobs to get married this weekend
  4. whitney to appear on oprah

1 The September Issue Premiere

Sienna and Anna Wintour hid behind their sunglasses while walking at the red carpet of The September Issue Premiere. Look how chic they are! Anna's hair is never out of place. And because I doubt that this documentary will be shown in the theaters of my city, I'll have to find other ways to see it. If you guys have any idea how, please let me know.

2 The Beautiful Life Posters

I saw some teasers of this show about a month ago (before Mischa got all unstable on us) and I have to admit that I was a little bit intrigued. I thinkMischa plays a b*tchy supermodel and her performance was believable. But the teasers did not show Corbin Bleu, that adorable HSM actor. Yes, that is him in the poster. Yes, he is looking yummy. He is grown up and you might not want to show this to your littler sisters who have innocent crushes on the HSM boys.

3 Marc Jacobs to Get Married This Weekend

Awww, how sweet! I love seeing these two together. Unfortunately, it will be a very private wedding and we probably won't be seeing photos of the ceremony when next week rolls in. Let's just hope that they share some captured moments with us, though. Perhaps photos of them having a great time with their guests at the after-party?

4 Whitney to Appear on Oprah

If I still lived with my parents, this is one show that I'd definitely be watching with my Mom. I have been waiting for many years for Whitney's (proper) comeback and it seems that she is on her way to wowing us once again with her amazing talent. Whitney will be Oprah's first guest for the show's 24th season.

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