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So what makes a good celebrity couple? Do we like the stable ones that stay together until they are old and wrinkly? Or the short-lived pairings that give us gossip-worthy adventures every day? I like the odd couples who surprise us with their antics AND remain together for a long time. I cannot speak for your taste so let's see which of the following couples you like.

1. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

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Are they back together? Are they not? What does "remains close" mean in Hollywood? Too many questions and no comments from the reps. Tsk tsk. I gotta say though that I love these two together. I like the idea of laid back Jen with a musician. What do you think?

2. Russell Brand and Katy Perry

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As per tradition, celeb couples are given nicknames by the public to make referencing to them easier and more fun. "RUSTY" seems like a great nickname for Russell and Katy. But the question is whether these two are serious or are just playing with us.

3. George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis

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Elisa-- who? I know, I asked the same question when I heard about this new development in George's love life. She is a TV personality, some people say. But I gotta hand it to George. He seems to find beautiful women no matter where he goes. What do you thin of this new girl? Is this possibly THE ONE for our kid-at-heart George?

4. Jon and Kate + Cancellation

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Finally! Now those kids can have normal lives. But why do I get the feeling that we'll have another family-related reality TV show soon? And this one might be just as horrible. The Octomom show, perhaps?

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5. Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

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Adam Lambert, being a public personality now, understands that he has to defend and/or affirm all aspects of his personal life to the masses, via the paparazzi. A few nights ago, he did just that by kissing his boyfriend for the paparazzi. Hmmm, what do you think of celebrities who can never seem to resist the "charm" or these pesky photographers?

6. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

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How does Spencer show Heidi that he loves her? Bybuying 3000 copies of the Playboy issue she posed for. This does not seem like a smart thing to do, doesn't it? It makes you think that Spencer does not trust the issue to sell itself. But then this kind of thinking may be beyond this couple.
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