6 Cute Celeb News to Gush over ...


6 Cute Celeb News to Gush over ...
6 Cute Celeb News to Gush over ...

Let's continue listing down celeb news that make us smile by going over cute happenings this time. From puppy news to not-so-puppy love photos to a post involving a puppet, you will surely find yourself "aww-ing" to these. I know they made me giggle and excited.

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Deschanel Loveliness on Your TV Screen

Deschanel Loveliness on Your TV Screen Who agrees with me when I say that Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel are probably the most beautiful celeb siblings we have today? Look at those eyes! They will make the TV show Bones even more exciting when Zooey makes a guest appearance on a future episode. If her character turns out to be as adorable as Emily's, I will DIE.


Kelly Orbourne and Sidi Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S---

Kelly Orbourne and Sidi Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S--- Well, not really. But with a mug like that, I would not mind kissing that puppy to bits. How cute is he? Kelly got him for her birthday from her parents. Lucky girl.


Taylor Squared

Taylor Squared We can sing the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song now because it fits this time. Finding a couple nickname for these kids was easy and my, doesn't the name just fit right? Who else thinks that these two should have kids and take over Hollywood? Kidding. They're too young to get married and they have all the time in the world to influence Hollywood with their cuteness and overall niceness.


Guess Who Dropped by Sesame Street?

Guess Who Dropped by Sesame Street? I debated whether I should admit about thinking about blowing up that photo and staring at it for hours on end. But there, I said it. You can't really blame me because Jake Gyllenhaal is just goshdarn cute! Elmo, too, of course. I wonder if Jake will be singing in this episode...


Robert Pattinson Singing!

Twilight fans, this one is for you. Do I hear squealing and overall excitement? When you calm down, take time to read what this movie is about. It sounds interesting and probably affects you more than any vampire story.


Kingston and Zuma Making Halloween a Million Times Cuter

Kingston and Zuma Making Halloween a Million Times Cuter You have to check this post because the photos are just adorable. Kingston sure is taking pumpkin-picking seriously. If I were to choose who is the cutest between Kelly's dog, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kingson, I'd have to go with Kingston. The leather jacket compels me to.

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Hi Meream! Kelly's mug looks like a teddy, so fluffy. A few months ago when I was visiting a city near mountains and I stop in a parking lot, one guy came to me with a little bear in his arms. I hold him for a couple of minutes, he was so cute.....the rest no comment. :)

Omg!! Number one is just <3 <3 <3 And I love your lists. Passionately :)

I just love this whole post!! Cute sisters, cute animals, babies, and yes elmo too! ;)

Sheila, Loool at your comment!! Ok I realive you don;t like him and neither fancy him!! :P

Kelly Orbourne pppy is so cute and adorable. If it was my dog I would totally cover him with kisses! :) Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner make such and adorable couple. I hope it lasts cause some people really fit together! I'm so into Robert Pattinson. I totally loved Twilight! And I'm so exited for the Saga 'New Moon'. It's coming here for Christmas and as the last one it will surly be a big hit!!

I agree with you Sheila regardin Taylor couble :) Why do you think he ruined Edward? He acts his part to perfection! :P

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