5 Latest Buzz about Our Favorite Hollywood Men ...


5 Latest Buzz about Our Favorite Hollywood Men ...
5 Latest Buzz about Our Favorite Hollywood Men ...

Ah, men of Hollywood. Who doesn't love them? They're hot, fashionable, wealthy, and did I mention HOT? I remember the first time I became aware that I can spend a great dreamy deal of time looking at photos of Hollywood men. The subject of my daydreams was Tom Cruise (during his Top Gun days, mind you). Over the years, I've stopped sighing over photos of Tom Cruise and moved to other Hollywood men. The following are the latest buzz about some of these gorgeous men:

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Beckham Boys Dinner out

Beckham Boys Dinner out David Beckham is H.O.T. Looks and skills alone would make him truly valuable in Hollywood. They would also make any girl melt. But the fact that he seems to be a dedicated husband and dad makes his hotness factor shoot to the roof. Here he is taking his boys out to dinner while their mother is busy in London with Fashion Week. Now isn't he just dreamy? And yeah, isn't Cruz the bomb?


Jude Law is a Dad Again

Jude Law is a Dad Again Best friends Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, and Jonny Lee Miller are my crushes. Aside from the fact that they look yummy, they also choose great roles when it comes to films projects. Seeing as Ewan and Jonny are now in any headlines these days, let's stick to news about Jude Law. Yes, he is a dad again. The model he impregnated has given birth. I understand that he is elated about this turn of events. Now my question is what will Samantha do next? A reality show, perhaps?


Johnny Depp is Working

Johnny Depp is Working All right, who doesn't love Johnny Depp? When you make a list of dreamy Hollywood men, Johnny will always be part of the top 5. I know I have not read anything about him in months so this news of him directing a music video makes me happy. You know, anything that has new photos of this gorgeously disheveled actor is enough to make my day.


Matt Damon considering Moving to California

Matt Damon considering Moving to California Not because he wants to be closer to Hollywood but becausehe wants his daughters to grow up alongside Ben Affleck's daughters. Awww, isn't that cute? It's already cute that these best friends both have little girls but to actually see them playing and growing into young ladies together is just too much. Also, photos of Matt and Ben growing old together would just be precious.

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I so adore David Beckham. He's such a classy boy - and, of course, easy on the eyes. :)

Oh, the Jude, Ewan, and Jonny love...*has a party in her head* My friends and I will be making a trip to NYC to see Jude's Hamlet in two weeks, baby...TWO WEEKS! Looking forward to it because it's Jude but also because the play continues to generate such amazing buzz from audience members, just like in London. Are you sure that's Johnny Depp??

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