4 Great Posts with the Latest Biggest Celebrity Buzz ...


4 Great Posts with the Latest Biggest Celebrity Buzz ...
4 Great Posts with the Latest Biggest Celebrity Buzz ...

There is something about the lives of celebrities that is always fascinating; never dull like the moments of our own lives. This is why I always visit celebrity blogs every day. It's a vice, really. So in case you have not found time to visit the same blogs I visit, here are some juicy celeb news (some still to be officially confirmed) that got the world of celebrities quite a-buzzing.

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Jennifer Aniston and Her New Brad

Jennifer Aniston and Her New Brad Photo by: JustJared

A few months ago, Bradley Cooper shut down rumors that he is seeing Jennifer Aniston. He even said that they've never really met or something like that. But a lot people seem to like the idea of seeing them together (or finally seeing Jen with a hottie). But a few days ago, they were spotted on what looked like to be a date. Of course, both parties are bound to say that it was merely a non-romantic date. I have to say, though, that I am excited about this turn of events. Brad is very cute and funny and I am always rooting for Jennifer. I am also a fan of the other couple that always seem connected in terms of gossip to this girl, so let's not start a feud here.


Gisele Bundchen Expecting

Gisele Bundchen Expecting Photo by: Babyrazzi

Gisele and Tom or any of the people working for them have not confirmed the news yet. Still, these are wonderful news. They would definitely have a beautiful baby some day. Gisele already seems like a great step-mom to Tom's son so she would definitely enjoy having her own kid.


Miley and Nick Reconnect

Miley and Nick Reconnect Photo by: JustJared

Miley was playing coy about getting back together with Nick, stating simply that they have reconnected. Of course the fact that she has broken up with boyfriend Justin at around the same time is not fooling anyone. But if fans need more confirmation that they really are back together, we need not look further than 1/3 of the famous boy band. Joe Jonas accidentally slipped on Larry King that his girlfriend is not as famous as Nick's girlfriend. "No, I don’t think anyone’s as famous as Miley Cyrus!" he said. Ahh, young love.


Madonna Finally Takes Home Mercy

Madonna Finally Takes Home Mercy Photo by: Pink Is The New Blog

After all the controversies, Madonna was finally granted her request to adopt Malawian girl, Mercy James. The little girl was seen boarding a private jet on the way to the UK. The little girl was reunited with Madonna and her other children in London. They then headed to a Kabbalah Center with Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie. Seems like the perfect moment to say, "and they lived happily ever after."

Top Image by: Vlastula

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Ah, Gisele's baby will be beautiful (: And Miley & Nick. So predictable (; bisous! La C.

loving these tidbits honey! Thanks for sharing. Gisele is gorge. muah x marian

Gisele really is going to have a beautiful baby. Not to mention, she'll look better pregnant than I look on a normal day!

I'm most interested in number three.

I guess these blogs will now be posting about Michael Jackson's death...crazy isn't it?!

Gisele is gonna look even more gorgeous while pregnant! I wonder if the rumor is really true...

I love celeb gossip.. Oh, I didn't know Giselle was pregnant!

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