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5 Posts of Celebrity Kids out and about ...

By Meream

Yesterday, I saw photos of Britney and her kids enjoying a day a the pool. They looked really cute, especially with the boys' new buzz cuts. This prompted me to search for the cutest celebrity kids we know today and see what they've been up to. Well, they were being their usual cute selves and I thought I'd share.

1 Violet and Her Starbucks Run

Violet and Her Starbucks RunLooks like she ran from bed and straight to Starbucks. Violet is always cute. I love her sunny disposition. This makes me want to see photos of her and her little sister out and about as well.

2 Savannah Gets a Squeeze from Mom

Savannah Gets a Squeeze from MomLook at Marcia Cross and her daughter Savannah with their matching park fashion. They look adorable in their floppy hats and blue sweaters.They look similar, too, don't they?


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3 Kingston and Zuma at LAX

Kingston and Zuma at LAXGwen and Gavin have the cutest boys. Not only do they have cheeks I could just bite, they are also quite fashionable, even at a young age! Zuma looks a bit bored here but he'll realize in a few years that he is leading a rocking lifestyle and he'll be eating it up, just like his big brother.

4 Suri is Ready for a Night of Coloring

Suri is Ready for a Night of ColoringSuri and Mom got a visit from her Dad in Australia. Suri wasarmed with coloring materials and some paper. Very cute! She seems impervious to the cold, this girl. And she is still in love with her girly ballet flats. I love a girl who knows how to be girly even before she hits puberty.

5 Sasha Gets Soaked at the Park

Sasha Gets Soaked at the ParkI am a huge fan of Liev and Naomi, individually and as a couple. These two have produced cute boys as well. Sasha is definitely a looker with hischubby cheeks and sunkissed hair.

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