7 Celeb Babies Battling for Cutie of the Week ...


7 Celeb Babies Battling for Cutie of the Week ...
7 Celeb Babies Battling for Cutie of the Week ...

Okay, I just made up that Cutie of the Week part. However, with so many celeb babies out and about last week, I actually thought the world will explode because of too much cuteness! Of course, their beautiful parents add to the adorable factor of these photos. I have to admit, looking at these photos make me want to consider starting a family now. Or you know, spend more time with the babies of my friends. Which of these babies should win Cutie of the Week?

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The Little Ballerina

The Little Ballerina Oh dear me, how adorable is little Harlow? Look at her baby chubby legs in leotards! I swear, I could bite those legs. She looks like some serious ballerina on a "coffee break," doesn't she? Another thing I love about this is the fact that she and her mom wore matching purple outfits. Uber cute!


Baby Tourist

Baby Tourist Seriously, how beautiful is this kid? I believe this is Knox but I can't really tell which Jolie-Pitt twin is which at this point. I gather that there were a gazillion paparazzi taking these photos and perhaps Angelina and her cute baby were trying to check who was the funniest looking paparazzo. Wouldn't that be a fun game? Also, how cute are those baby hands?


Peek-a-Boo Birthday Girl

Peek-a-Boo Birthday Girl Why, hello there, little Satyana. Some people are not too keen on her name but I actually find it very pretty. She also kinda looks like Seraphina Affleck, doesn't she? Or do I need to check my eyesight?


Three Lovelies

Three Lovelies Well, here is a photo of Seraphina and let's compare. So I'm a kinda correct, right? Looking at this photo, it's safe to say that Jennifer Garner is one strong woman. We can also add that she and Ben make beautiful babies.


Archie on the Set

Archie on the Set What a delightful photo! Archibald William Emerson Arnett is Amy's first son. He reminds me of the babies that Norman Rockwell used to paint. You know, the all-American blonde, rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed, and freckled babies.


Young Archeologists Pool Club

Young Archeologists Pool Club This photo should be printed and framed. The colors are great and the dinosaur toys add a touch of whimsy to an already-gorgeous picture. It's wonderfully refreshing how Gwen seems to be a fantastic mother. Looking at this photo, you know that Kingston will grow up to be one heart breaker. Let's hope he doesn't break the hearts of the beautiful ladies the previous baby girls will grow up to be.


Young Cowboys Club

Young Cowboys Club Of course Zuma would not be outdone in the cuteness department. He is certainly growing up to be a little fashionista, just like his elder brother. Oh yeah, how insanely cute is that bleached blonde hair?

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I love little Harlow!! Just as Cute as her mummy, maybe a little bit more!! :) And Kingston is young and very cute looking. He will be one hell of a man when he grow up! :)

utter adorable! xoxo marian

She TOTALLY looks like Seraphina Affleck - tres cute! And I am in love with little Harlow - I can't imagine anyone more adorable!! :)

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