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Hollywoods Surprise Top Earners...

By Sheila&Yusuf

When Vanity Fair announced their list of the Hollywood's top earners this year, there were more than a couple of surprises.

Though the top few spots were snatched by directors like Michael-Bay and Steven Spielberg, guess who the highest earning actor and actress were?? If you guessed Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, think again... it's the magical duo of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson! Quite shocking, innit!?

Sure some of you might have already read about this, but this was so shocking, that we had to write about it! While Daniel made it to the sixth spot overall, Emma made it to the fourteenth - both of them beating stalwarts of the industry like Depp, Ben Stiller, Tom Hanks, Angelina, Cameron Diaz & S.J.Parkar! And if you're wondering where the Twilight mega-stars stand in the list, well the guys didn't even scratch their way into the top 10 male earners, butKristen Stewart just about managed to claw her way at the last spot in the top 10 female earners!

He says: WOW! they really get paid that much!!! I'm speechless!

She says: I know right?! Though give the Twilight stars some time, I'm sure they'll get there ;)

Well whether it is in their scandals or their list of top earners, what good is Hollywood if they can't surprise you, right! Do you think those two really deserve to be paid the crazy amounts that they seem to be raking in??


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