9 Most Shocking Celebrity Cheats ...


9 Most Shocking Celebrity Cheats ...
9 Most Shocking Celebrity Cheats ...

Okay, so cheating on your partner has probably been around since Caveman first told Cavewoman he was out hunting woolly mammoths all night, really he was … Lately, though, there seems to have been a flood of celebrities being caught and making grovelling apologies for letting down their wives (what they really mean is ‘Damn, I got caught’). What’s really shocking is that there are some surprising candidates among them …

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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Not so long ago, no-one would have said that the golfer had an appropriate nickname … until it emerged that he’d been playing away with half the women in the country. Of course he then apologised to his lovely wife – bit late really.

Photo Credit: Keith Allison


Mark Owen,

the squeaky clean singer in Take That, astonished many when he turned out not to be so squeaky clean after all. Little Mark had been up to a bit of fun with not one, not two, not three, but TEN women. An apology to his lovely wife ensued, although he blamed alcohol rather than his inability to keep it in his pants.


Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating What is this, curse of the boy bands? Not to be outdone, Ronan was the next one to be outed. He couldn’t quite compete with Mark, though, just having the one affair. However, having been quoted in an interview as saying ‘My greatest ambition is to be … a good husband’, he doesn’t really seem to be going the right way about it … And yes, the inevitable apology to the lovely wife followed.

Photo Credit: sunrise.seven


John Terry

The England Captain really shouldn’t have kept it ‘in the family’ when he had an affair with the ex-girlfriend of a team mate. As if cheating wasn’t bad enough, he managed to get her pregnant. Apparently it was not his first affair. So far the lovely wife has managed to resist dumping him, more’s the pity.


Jesse James

Was his affair an ego boost at his wife being more famous and successful than him? Who knows? The lovely Sandra Bullock seems to have more sense than many of the other wives here, and kicked him out.


Denise Welch

As if to reinforce that it’s not just men who cheat, this British TV actress and presenter made a ridiculously stupid boo-boo – when she left a message meant for her lover on her husband’s phone. Oops, Denise.


John Major

Who would ever have believed that the famously dull ex-British Prime Minister, about whom it was joked that he was the only man who ran away from the circus to be an accountant, would actually have an affair? What’s more, he picked his scary Minister Edwina Currie. Wow. Did it really happen, or was it the weirdest dream I ever had?


And in the Even More Unlikely Lover Stakes …

And in the Even More Unlikely Lover Stakes … a nation swore it would never eat again when it found out that the then Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott had been playing away with his secretary (look at the photo and those of you from the US will understand our incredulity). Hitherto known as ‘Two Jags’ after his two ministerial cars, Prescott then inevitably was dubbed ‘Two Shags’ …

Photo Credit: Peter Denton


Jude Law

Not one to do things by half, our Jude. Cheats on his wife with Sienna Miller (herself famous not for her acting career, but for her penchant for married men). Leaves wife. Cheats on Sienna with the nanny. They split up. Now it appears they’re back together. For how long …?

How do you feel about these cheating men? Do you think they only do it because they can? Are the wives foolish to stay?

Top Photo Credit: sunrise.seven

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i dont really understand why guys cheat when they keep on saying that they love their wife..i wonder how is it to have sex w/ someone then go hoem and kiss your wife and tell them u love them..are u all ok??...

Yes, I do think a lot of times people cheat only because they can.And yes, I do think their wives are foolish to stay. I don't see how a guy who has slept around with 3-4-5-10 women can suddenly reform just because he makes a public apology!

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