9 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals of 2009...rity ...


9 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals of 2009...rity ...
9 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals of 2009...rity ...

Where there are clouds, there will be rain. Where there are flowers, there will be bees. Where there are designer shoes, there will be ME! And where there are celebrities, there will be scandals... plenty of shocking, juicy scandals! Here's presenting the 10 most shocking celebrity scandals of 2009...

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Meghan McCain's "controversial" Twitpic

The only reason I'm putting this on the list is to get your opinion. Personally, I think her twitpic wasn't a big deal at all. So she's well endowed and not afraid to show it. Aren't there crazier things happening in the world? Do you really think this picture was worth all the 'interesting' posts spawning across the net and the drama it created?
Meghan McCain's "controversial" Twitpic


Jon and Kate plus Drama?

Their show was such a joy to watch and that's huge coming from me considering I'm not a fan of little kids. But all good things do come to an end as did their happy little life together. They were in the celebrity news for the most part of last year. What's left is an ongoing battle for money,custody and publicity. My heart goes out to their adorable children. I really hope they can set their differences aside and do what's best for their children even though they're not together.
Jon and Kate plus Drama?


Sharon Osbourne Ridiculing Susan Boyle

Agreed Susan Boyle isn't good looking but what does talent have to do with good looks? She is an amazing amazing singer and that's all that matters at the end of the day. It was plain cruel on Sharon Osbourne's part to go ahead and call Susan a "hairy arsehole" who was "hit with the f***ing ugly stick." I know she apologised later on her Facebook wall but I don't see the need for such crass behaviour in the first place. Jealous much Sharon?
Sharon Osbourne Ridiculing Susan Boyle


David Letterman's Public Confession

So I guess we all saw the episode where David Letterman confessed to having had sexual affairs with his staff members in the past. I know it takes guts to admit something like that to the whole world but I can't help thinking, had it not been for the blackmail, would he have bothered confessing anything? I'm guessing not!


Chris Brown Turns Monster!

There is NO excuse in the world to hit a woman. Okay, maybe if it was a life threatening situation where you had a psychotic woman run afer you with a knife, I'd get it. Otherwise keep your big, masculine hands to yourself thank you very much. I was mortified when I saw pictures of Rihanna's battered face. How can you do that to someone you supposedly love?! I was even more mortified when I heard she was planning to give him a second chance. But thank God she's moved on to better things! That was one celebrity breakup I was really happy about.


Tiger Woods= Sex Addict

So it started with an accident. Suddenly there were rumors of an affair with a Rachel Uchitel. One thing led to another and the list of affairs grew and now Woods is linked to atleast 11 women! I've heard of tigers in heat but this is insane! Last I heard, he was spending some rehab time in a sex addiction clinic. And apparently he really wants to save his marriage. I don't think I'd want anything to do with a man who cheated on me and made a habit out of it. Do you think their marriage has any hope of survival?
Tiger Woods= Sex Addict


Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift at the VMAs

Honestly, Taylor's music is not my style and I thought Beyonce's Single Ladies is her worst ever BUT I understand that both have their share of fans and if Taylor won Best Music Video at the VMAs, it was because she deserved it! And when a fellow artist wins, you smile and clap even if you don't agree! You do NOT get up on stage, interrupt her acceptance speech and let the world know you don't think she deserves it. That's downright disrespectful and rude! Big Boooo to you Kanye! But on a positive note, it was really sweet of Beyonce to call Taylor back on stage so she could finish. Okay, back to booing Kanye! Here's the video by the way.


Mackenzie Phillips' Incest Confession

Mackenzie Phillips' confession on the Oprah Winfrey show left me speechless! What comment can I possibly make about her almost decade long sexual relationship with her father, John Phillips? And while her mother, Michelle Phillips calls her a liar with mental and drug problems and there is some doubt about the validity the whole thing, I do applaud her for revealing her story. It will definitely help other women who are in the same position.
Mackenzie Phillips' Incest Confession


Michael Jackson's Death

Here's a man whose scandalous life followed him right to the grave. One day we're mourning his death and the next day it begins... Right from manslaughter charges that were levied against his doctor, to doubts about his paternity, to apparent spottings of the legend, it was literally scandal after scandal. I know it's hard not to speculate but can't we let a man die in peace? I'm going to borrow Madonna's words here and say, Yes, Michael Jackson was a human being but he was a king. Long live the king!
Michael Jackson's Death And that pretty much concludes the list of celebrity scandals for 2009. Which one did you find the most shocking? I think MJ's death was the hardest for me. Don't forget to also let me know if I've left something out. The new year will bring new scandals. I can't wait!

P.S: I was going to mention Miley Cyrus on the list. But the more attention she gets, the worse she becomes. So I refuse to elaborate. *zips lips*

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Sheila, Meghan McCains twitpic is SO totaly a non-issue for me. She felt flirty and flashed her cleavage? So what! That wasn't even a scandal. And she is more apart of the political world and that is where the real scandals were this year! Newt Gingrich, Senator John Ensign, Senator David Vitter, and Mark Sanford for example but not her. Jon and Kate passed me by. I do not know anything about them. Comes with not owning a TV. Like Sharon Osborne can dis on Ms. Boyle! Ms. Boyle has a world more talent and is a sweetheart unlike Sharon. Apart from Ms. Boyle being a bigger gal their physical charisma is the same in my eyes. A case of "LOOK AT HER, not me" I think. Very grade school. I personally have absolutely no interest in David Letterman's and Tiger Woods sex lives. Don't want to know about. Don't need to know about it. YUCK! That's between them, their wives and various legal and mental professionals. For me Chris Brown is by far the worst thing on your list Sheila. I agree with everything you wrote about it too. Kanye West is dung! To do something like that to a fellow singer and especially a kid is inexcusable! He has no class. Mackenzie Phillips’ confessions went unoticed by me too. I really should get a TV I guess. I hope she finds peace and happiness. It is sad Michael Jackson died. My sympathies go out to his family and friends. I enjoy the music he did in the 80's

Really great post! MJ death was the baddest news ever, I don't want to think about it. I was also shocked when I heard about Rhianna and more shocked after when she decided to get back together with Chris...like OMG. Tiger Woods it's just a man like all the others (well at least most of them) but his wife at least got 300 million $ so....I can't really say that I don't want to be in her shoes.

I couldn't agree more with our beloved MJ being number one on the list, I mean, it was by far the most shocking thing that happend in this drama-filled, crappy year of 2009! and so many other deaths (farrah fawcett, stephen gately, brittany murphy, and so on...) as for the Rihanna/Chris story I would definately put it as number two on the list, it was such a degrading thing to do... definately much more important than tiger woods' sexual life, really, who cares? I think most people was completely tired and done with last year, I know I couldn't wait for 2010 to just start! although it already started with the haiti tragedy, I'm praying hard that better things happen...

Ugh Kanye.. the ultimate douchbag. his career is as good as over. celeb sites promised to not post about him and fans are so outraged. and poor taylor ): I actually didnt think single ladies was that great either. holy rihanna/chris brown.. NO excuse for him. what makes me sick is that die-hard brown fans say that SHE deserved it! please tell me, how does anyone deserve domestic abuse? = = and MJ.. long live the king ^^

goodness it's like the year flashed before my eyes! I don't think Megan McCain's twitter photo was anything horrific. it's not fault her dad is in politics and people assume she should be conservative. ugh. don't understand why people made such a big deal. As for my opinion on biggest scandals - the Chris Brown & Rihanna shocker (you just assume celebs are immune but they are human is what this taught me and I really feel bad that her photo of such a terrible night was leaked) and Tiger Woods because who would have thought he would be the playa to shame all playas. the shannon comment was mean but i wasn't shocked she's not that kind with her words and the taylor swift kanye drama was intense for a week but then she rose atop so alls well that ends well :)

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