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I'm not so sure if I'd survive in the entertainment industry, with its never-ending storms of intrigue, manipulated stories, attention-hungry personalities, and inexplicable weirdness. Yes, I am aware that the industry also has its fair share of hot men, fabulous parties, and drool-worthy clothes, but you can't have the positive without the negative. With that in mind, let me present some news which I think clearly represent the tinseltown we are all fascinated with.

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Lady Gaga Ready for Some Bondage

Lady Gaga Ready for Some Bondage Photo by: Allie is Wired

Lady Gaga is not exactly your average pop star when it comes to fashion. She has been photographed wearing the most ridiculous outfits but this attire shocked me. I guess that was what she was aiming for, huh? Sometimes, I have to admit that I admire her consistency. It's just like Dita von Teese wearing her vintage clothing all the time, but in more ridiculous and eye-popping ways.


Jon and His Girlfriend

Jon and His Girlfriend Photo by: The Superficial

Ahh, reality TV. Who'd have ever thought that this form of entertainment would take off like it did? When it comes to this family, I admit that I only know what celebrity bloggers and sites have written about recently. It's strange when you realize that if these were "normal" people without a TV show, those who know them would be more forgiving about falling out of love and finding new relationships.


Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern Photo by: A Socialite Life

It is perfectly possible that Ryan's abs auditioned for the part. Because aren't they perfect to play the Green Lantern's abs? Kidding aside, I really think Ryan is perfect for the part. Aren't you excited to see this? Just think: Ryan in a green spandex suit, saving mankind from those with evil intention. Sounds like a wonderful movie to me. Cinematic escapism at its purest form.


Paris Defends Herelf, the Only Way She Knows How

Paris Defends Herelf, the Only Way She Knows How Photo by: Pink is the New Blog

As long as great movies are being made, bad ones will continue to be released as well. And here is Paris defending herself because she did not promote a bad one she starred in. In all fairness to her, she did say that she expected the film to be better that it was. Head on over to this post to find out how Paris charmed the judge. Must have been a good day at court for those who worked there.


Ashlee Simpson to Release a Michael Jackson Cover Album?

Ashlee Simpson to Release a Michael Jackson Cover Album? Well, what is Hollywood without gossip, right? This could still be gossip at this point but it really is an interesting piece of news to digest. Not everyone may agree with the idea but we gotta admire Mr. Simpson for coming up of interesting ways to make money.

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Ryan Renolds is <3 Jon. Ugh, I loved Jon & Kate. ): I wonder how the kids are! bisous, La C.

You gotta love Gaga, she's so entertaining.

darling this is a yummy tidbit post of delish bits of celeb news. I never watched Green lantern so will be great to see the

Ah yes (: I do relish this anonymity & mysteriousness (;

The Peek does come in handy for both my job & my blog-email (: bisous! xx

Number one interests me the most. But I love those pics of Ashlee Simpson and the baby. So cute! :)

Lady Gaga is so fearless! And Ashlee's outfit is cute :)

I have to say that I like her music but Lady GaGa is pretty strange! And I feel bad for Kate and the 8 kids...I cant even stand to watch the show any more. And what is Ashlee Simpson wearing? Though her baby boy is so cute!

Why would anyone want to hear Ashlee Simpson's take on any MJ songs??

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