5 Hottest Celebrity News ...

I'm not so sure if I'd survive in the entertainment industry, with its never-ending storms of intrigue, manipulated stories, attention-hungry personalities, and inexplicable weirdness. Yes, I am aware that the industry also has its fair share of hot men, fabulous parties, and drool-worthy clothes, but you can't have the positive without the negative. With that in mind, let me present some news which I think clearly represent the tinseltown we are all fascinated with.

1. Lady Gaga Ready for Some Bondage

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Photo by: Allie is Wired

Lady Gaga is not exactly your average pop star when it comes to fashion. She has been photographed wearing the most ridiculous outfits but this attire shocked me. I guess that was what she was aiming for, huh? Sometimes, I have to admit that I admire her consistency. It's just like Dita von Teese wearing her vintage clothing all the time, but in more ridiculous and eye-popping ways.

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