7 Bits of Spring Celebrity Gossip ...


7 Bits of Spring Celebrity Gossip ...
7 Bits of Spring Celebrity Gossip ...

Each week, I try to write at least one blog post on celebrities. Oh, don’t you just love following celebrities around and catching up on the latest gossip and celebrity rumors? There are tons of celebrities out there and you know what that means...yep, plenty of gossip! Today, I have gossip on Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Kendra Wilkinson and four others. Gear up, because it’s time to hear 7 of the best spring celebrity gossip.

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Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, Are You Serious?

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, Are You Serious? Teaming up on the red carpet, we sawGerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, who might I add, looked mighty cozy together on Tuesday, March 16th. Jennifer continued to deny that they were dating. However, I think there seems to be a formula. Aniston says, "I don’t know who starts those rumors, but I’m learning to ignore them." Oh Jen, Jen, Jen, I do not know what sparks these rumors either.


Brooke Mueller and Her Postpartum Drug Drama

Brooke Mueller and Her Postpartum Drug Drama I know that different women handle things differently. How do you handlepostpartum depression? Brook Mueller did not do so well. During a bout of postpartum depression, she relapsed into drug use. A report has stated that the 32-year-old wife of Charlie Sheen started using drugs after she gave birth to twins. I don’t know Brooke, becoming a new mother can be scary, but do you think resorting to drugs, when you’re supposed to be watching over babies is a good idea? These celebrities, I tell ya…


Kendra Wilkinson and Her past Cocaine Use

Kendra Wilkinson and Her past Cocaine Use Sure, this is not shocking news for a girl who has posed for Playboy and dated a senior citizen. Kendra revealed some personal details of her life confessing that as a teenager, she once got into cocaine snorting and was hospitalized for not only drug abuse, but suicidal thoughts as well. When she was around 13, she started to hang out with a rebellious group and when they started with the white stuff, she went with it. She says that she started feeling good after that. There are other ways toprevent depression. Then again, I guess we've all made stupid mistakes as teenagers.


Britney is Releasing a New Album in June?

Britney is Releasing a New Album in June? Rumors have surfaced thatBritney Spears will be releasing her seventh album in June. However, other sources tell us that there will be a new album, but it is not going to be in June. So, which one is it? Oh wait, yet another source tells us that there is no scheduled release. All of these rumors confuse me! Maybe Britney will come here and personally tell us the truth!


Jennifer Lopez’s Pooch is Causing Poop?

Jennifer Lopez’s Pooch is Causing Poop? For the second time, a lawsuit may come about on a German Shepherd that was once Jennifer Lopez’s. While a woman was doing work for the current owners of the dog (Craig Snyder and Nicole Robinson), accusations were made that this K9 took a bite out of her hand and her breast in June. The plaintiff was traumatized severely from the attack and is now scared of all large dogs.


Jennifer Love Hewitt on Being Single

Jennifer Love Hewitt on Being Single Jennifer Love Hewitt went through a prettybad breakup and is not sure about the dating game. She has stated that she does not like to go out to parties or clubs. She’s not into the whole scenario of going out with a guy on Monday and then a different one on Wednesday. I have to give it to you Jennifer, I am not into that either! The breakup came prior to her new book “The Day I Shot Cupid,” which is about relationship advice. Isn’t that just ironic?


Jim Carrey is a Grandpa!

Jim Carrey is a Grandpa! This was announced on February 27, 2010. Jim Carrey, who is 47 years young, is now a Grandpa to a new baby boy! Jane Carrey and Alex Santana had their first child, Jackson Riley Santan on February 27 at 12:28 am in California. Awww! Congratulations Jim! And congratulations Jane on your first Mother's Day!

There you have it, the 7 juiciest celebrity gossip for the day. Tune in next time as I tell you more gossip that I have heard during my adventures! Oh yeah and before I forget, will there actually be another album by Britney Spears soon?

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