7 Hottest News Stories of the Week ...


7 Hottest News Stories of the Week ...
7 Hottest News Stories of the Week ...

Have you stayed up to date on the hottest news stories this week? From chaos causing volcanoes to Pearl Lowe's new Peacocks range, it’s been a huge week for the news, and it can be so hard to keep up! I’ve been searching through the news stories, and these are the top 7 stories you need to know from the past week...

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Eyjafjallajokull Causes Chaos

Eyjafjallajokull Causes Chaos On the 20th March 2010, an Icelandic volcano started to erupt. Not too exciting, right? Well, the aftermath certainly was! A plume of ash reached the United Kingdom on the 14th April, and on the 15th, completely halted air travel in the UK. More than 20 European countries closed their airspace for 5 days, causing travel chaos, and leaving travellers stranded all over the World. Well, after the logistical nightmare of getting my sister and her friends home from a late deal holiday to France, I’m glad to report that European airspace is now open, and Eyjafjallajokull seems to be behaving itself. Phew.


Pearl Lowe for Peacocks

Pearl Lowe for Peacocks Photo Credit: Keira Vallejo Photography

Peacocks announced this week that from the 13th May, they will be stocking a collection of tshirts, cardigans, accessories, party wear and day dresses designed by Ms. Lowe! Pearl was eager to talk about her new collection, talking about taking inspiration from the British Countryside, and in particular, Somerset. Daughter Daisy Lowe is already a huge fan of the collection, and looks stunning in the vintage-inspired tea dresses... I can’t wait to get my hands on them!


Tara Reid Calls off Her Wedding

Tara Reid Calls off Her Wedding Photo Credit: Sugar Sugar 2010

Put your wedding hat away, girls, Tara Reid won’t be getting married just yet. Tara announced her engagement to boyfriend Micheal in January, after he proposed in an LA restaurant, but in a statement released from her people this week, she called it off. “Tara Reid has confirmed she will not be moving forward with her May 22nd nuptials” said the spokesperson, and refused to be drawn on why she had changed her mind. Well, until we hear further news, I’m wishing Tara and Micheal all the best.


Isla Fishers Pregnant!

Well, her spokespeople have yet to confirm the news, but pictures have shown Isla with a very rounded stomach this week! Isla and husband Sacha got married earlier this year, and reports strongly suggest that their baby Olive might have a sibling very soon. How exciting! I love Isla’s casual style in this photo... she looks so chic, but so chilled out!


Doctor Who Romance?

Doctor Who Romance? Photo Credit: Broliant

New Doctor Who cutie Matt Smith was spotted holding hands with Daisy Lowe at this years Coachella Festival, and how cute do they look together?! I’ve always loved her kitsch style, and the photos from the event show her looking so happy with him. Her spokesperson was quick to crush any rumours, though, stating that Daisie and Matt are just good friends. Well, if they do decide to be a couple, they will be one of the cutest around!


A New Twilight Hunk?

A New Twilight Hunk? Robert Pattison might want to start working out... there’s new competition for Twilight's hottest hunk! 27-year-old Xavier Samuel was snapped by Doug Inglish for an upcoming magazine feature and these leaked shots certainly show him looking great! He’s definitely going to spice up the next instalment...


Holly Willoughby’s Tip for Wearing in Shoes

Holly Willoughby’s Tip for Wearing in Shoes I love Holly... she’s so open and honest, and she even gave us a tip for wearing in new shoes this week! In an interview about her new family, and cute baby boy Harry, Holly revealed that whenever she buys new heels, she wears them during sex before wearing them outside. Well, Holly looks great in her elegant ball gowns, and I’ve never seen her fall over... I might give this a try!

From the real to the very strange, the media sure have been busy this week! I’ve certainly enjoyed reading and reporting them, so I hope you’ve enjoyed them too! Have you heard a great news story this week? Please share them with me!

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