8 Bizarre Outdated Laws ...


8 Bizarre Outdated Laws ...
8 Bizarre Outdated Laws ...

Regardless of where you might live, chances are, there’s bound to be an odd, outdated law on the books that you would violate without even knowing it. Most of these laws are so strange, you might wonder why they were ever enacted to begin with! I did some poking around, and thought I’d share a few of the bizarre laws I found… enjoy!

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North Carolina

North Carolina Photo Credit: canadawebprint

I could never live in North Carolina. Yes, it’s a gorgeous, temperate state, but it’s against the law to sing off-key in public. And that’s the only way I know how to sing — very, very badly; very, very off-key.



Texas Photo Credit: viva la vibs

Not that anyone would actually want them, since I am as blind as a bat, but in Texas, it’s illegal to sell either your right or left eye. Or both. Ick!



Ohio Photo Credit: ScottS101

Ohio’s state legislature has a lot of time on its hands, as evidenced by a number of their very strange laws. For instance, you can’t sell beer while dressed as Santa, or get a fish drunk, or whale-hunt on Sundays. Whale hunting? In Ohio? I’m not sure why this is a concern, since Ohio is a land-locked state…



I live in Michigan, and openly admit that I’ve broken this strange, outdated law on several occasions — I’ve cut my hair without my husband’s permission. Also, though I live in the Motor City, I can’t buy a car on Sunday, because it’s also against the law. Huh. Go figure.



Utah is apparently a very avian-friendly state — according to one of their state laws, birds have the right of way on freeways. I imagine this is to protect birds that walk (like ducks and geese), but how do you yield right-of-way to flying birds?



Arizona Photo Credit: Corey Bennett

I have no idea why or how exactly this law came into being, because it just doesn’t make sense to me. In Arizona, it’s illegal for both men and women to wear suspenders. I wonder if maybe there’s a belt lobby in Arizona?



California Photo Credit: Wiggum03

I grew up in California, in the San Francisco Bay area, and I can tell you, this law is not enforced, nor am I sure how it could be. In San Francisco, the city council has guaranteed its residents sunshine. I wonder what their taxes are like?



I’ve been to Kentucky on numerous occasions, or should I say, I’ve driven through Kentucky on numerous occasions. I can’t tell you whether or not this particular state-wide law is being enforced — according to this law, residents must bathe once a YEAR, or pay a fine. Yeah. Once a YEAR. ONCE A YEAR.

That’s right — it’s illegal to whale-hunt on Sunday, but feel free to hunt whale in any of Ohio’s waters any other day of the week… see what I mean? That’s a bizarre law! Which one of these do you think is the most ridiculous? Or is there another strange law you know of where you live? Please share with me!

Top Photo Credit: Erinisfunky

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Lollll! These were actual laws?? Wow!

in north carolina i may hang till death(if it is in their law book) as i have learnt only this way of singing-totaly off key. I am curious to know is it legal to DONATE eyes in texas?

Agreed....Ohio is definitely not a landlocked state

looks like an enterprising, n entertaining site to know all about new happenings.

Yeah, Ohio is a real land-locked state. It's norther boarder is only Lake Erie. Idiot....do some research.

Bathe once a year??? Wow! I wonder if Kentucky's a stinky place.

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