10 Things That Should Have Happened by Now According to Science Fiction ...


Finally we are in 2010, the year in which that famous film sequel was set. This got me to thinking about how wrong science fiction has got its predictions of the future, and how inaccurate some books were … although I suppose that’s why it’s called fiction

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We Should All Have Robot Servants

We Should All Have Robot Servants I wish! I would rather a robot had to do the more unpleasant household tasks like cleaningout the cats’ litter tray as long as the odour didn’t mess up their wiring.

Photo Credit: Dan Coulter


Alien Invasions

Alien Invasions Quite why any intelligent species capable of voyaging across the stars would want to invade us is beyond me. I did once have a dream that aliens blew up my home town. They would be doing us a favor...yes, it is that awful.

Photo Credit: ~*Denise*~


Flying Cars

Flying Cars This is quite a scary thought, given the standards of driving. Fortunately it hasn’t happened, and cars remain firmly on terra firma.

Photo Credit: amphalon


Intelligent Houses

Intelligent Houses Actually, I’m not sure I like the idea of my house being more intelligent than me. What if it breaks down and traps me inside like in that animated scary movie? The cats might eat me eventually …

Photo Credit: yusheng


Time Travel

Time Travel HG Wells sent a 19th century time traveler to the far future, but that technology is nowhere in sight, assuming it can ever be possible. Although … would we know if it had happened?

Photo Credit: AreKev


Global Destruction

Global Destruction Fictional Armageddon has come upon us in so many ways --- asteroids, Earth’s axis moving, meteorological disaster. However, in spite of various actual disasters, humanity hasn’t been finished off yet.

Photo Credit: White_Guardian_Angel


Zombie Attacks

Zombie Attacks Fortunately, the living dead haven’t paid us a visit yet. I’ve done my research though, and I’m ready for them horrible zombies if it ever happens. Axe, flamethrower, uzi … or anything at hand.

Photo Credit: Eduardo!


Virus Outbreaks

Virus Outbreaks A popular theme among TV series, we should have been annihilated hundreds of times over by now. It’s usually a secret government lab behind it. Who knows what those mad scientists are up to as you read this …

Photo Credit: mugley

What are your favorite ‘they got that so wrong’ predictions?

Top Photo Credit: White_Guardian_Angel

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I want to time travel.

Yep, none of them have happened

Ohh yeaaa i remember the flying cars thing... I want one!!!

well we did have those virus ones, like west nile, sars, and h1n1, but other than that, i'm still waiting for my flying car.

hahahahaha it's so funny alison. sometimes i wonder too.

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