8 Things I Would Change about the World ...


8 Things I Would Change about the World ...
8 Things I Would Change about the World ...

Being just one person, there is a lot that I cannot accomplish by myself. However, if it were possible, there are at least 8 things I would change about the world. Keep in mind that my list is purely hypothetical, since I know there's a very slim chance that I could ever do any of these things all on my own.

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Hour Long Naps Would Be Mandatory at Work

I really doubt that I would hear much complaining from people who had to take time out of work to go take a nap. Even if you weren’t the napping type, I bet you could at least find it easy enough to just relax for an hour each day, especially if you are still getting paid for it! I usually feel the need for a nap right around 2pm. Something about this specific hour just causes me to feel completely drained of energy. I’d be all for a mandatory naptime!


Free Movie Night Would Be Offered Once a Month for Every Family

I think being able to look forward to a free movie night each month would be excellent! Even if it’s a movie that came out last year or a classic flick from the past, it would still be fun. I think the hard part would be having enough room for everyone to get in their free monthly movie viewing. I don’t know if there are enough theaters to accommodate everyone.


Spaying and Neutering of Animals Would Be a Free Service

It’s difficult to come up with the funds to spay or neuter an animal. I know people say that you shouldn’t be a pet owner if you can’t afford to take care of it properly. Well, for the price to spay just one cat, I could buy enough cat food to feed all of my cats for 6 months. It’s an expensive process that most people try to avoid, which results in tons of kittens and puppies being given away each year.


Insurance Would Come with the Car That Was Purchased

This is yet another expense that most people have a hard time with. In the US, the average car costs around 2500 dollars to build. So, if they are being sold for 20, 30, and 40 thousand dollars, then shouldn’t some of the money paid by the customer go towards car insurance too? I would think that for the price paid for cars, insurance should be part of the package.


Education Would Be a Higher Priority when Funds Are Distributed

Most countries place education at the top of their list of priorities. When money is distributed by the government, quite a lot of it goes towards something to do with education. Politicians and sports figures get paid the big bucks, but I don’t see anyone else benefiting from their high paying jobs. Sure, both can be very entertaining, but do they really have to be paid as much as they are? All right, I’m climbing down from my little soap box.


Enhancing the education system could have a domino effect on societal progress. Imagine schools with the latest technology, small class sizes ensuring individual attention, and teachers whose pay reflects the importance of their role. The ripple effect would be immense: better-educated individuals might make wiser decisions politically, socially, and economically. The stakes are high, and truly, investing in education is not just about building schools or improving curriculum; it's a statement about the kind of future we want to manifest, a future where intellectual wealth becomes the standard measure of success. Isn't that a future worth funding?


Ticks Would Be a Thing of the past

I see no purpose whatsoever for ticks. The guineas like to eat them, but they are just as happy with chicken scratch too. My family, the animals, and I are all plagued by these blood thirsty creatures during most of the year. They are such pain.


All Countries Would Figure in Taxes into the Price of Their Products

When I lived in Norway, it was so nice to go to the store to buy something and know up front exactly how much I was going to be spending. Tax is always figured into the price of fuel, so why not everything else? It makes things so much simpler. For once I’d like to go to the store to buy something and be able to count my change and know I have enough to pay for the item.


Optimism Would Be More Prevalent

This list is purely hypothetical anyway, so why not toss this one in? If I had the power to increase the number of optimistic people in the world, I totally would make that my first priority. There are far too many pessimists in this world.

Well, these are the 8 things I would change about the world if I could. It’s a fun idea! If you created your own list like this, what do you think would be in the number one position?

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I'm with you on all of these! Nice article :)


Thank you all! Glad you liked this blog. It was fun to do ;-D

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