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8 Things inside His Head ...

By Melanie

8 things inside his head – that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? For example, what does “I will call you later” or “That guy seems like a good friend of yours” mean in guy language? Well, let me decode those thoughts/sayings for you.

8 When He Seems down

While you are wondering what is wrong with him, because he seems so down, he is thinking that he is not going to admit he has an emotional issue. You see, men are stubborn when it comes to talking about their emotional issues.

7 We Should Hang out Sometime

If he tells you that “we should hang out sometime,” he is basically asking you if you would like to hang out with him. However, he is too afraid to ask you, because he is afraid of being turned down by you.

6 I Will Call You Later

“I will call you later” may mean he will never call you. This means he may or may not call you. In fact, late could be three months from now.

5 Good Friends

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If the guy you are dating says “that guy seems like a good friend of yours,” what he is really asking you is if there was ever anything going on between the two of you. This is a guys way of opening up a conversation about the guy you are “good” friends with.

4 Later

When the guy says “can we talk about this later,” do you think “later” is ever going to get here? Pretty much, no. Whenever a guy uses this term, it basically means that he does not ever want to talk about it again. If it takes some procrastination to put it off, then so be it.

3 New Look

Yay, the guy noticed your look. Is that a first time? Okay, let’s decode those thoughts in his head. If he says “that’s a new look,” then he is basically saying “that looks weird.” Hence the reason he did not say “and it looks good.”

2 Emotional

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Girls have their emotional fits from time to time and this is one of those things guys wish they did not have to go through. If he says “Why do you act so emotional,” he is saying “Why are you so psycho” in his mind. You see, guys are smarter than you think. They know there will be an argument if they say “psycho” and they have had enough for the night.

1 Long Story

Guys tend to say “It’s a long story” when they know the story is going to make them look bad. Telling you that it is a long story is just him trying to put the story off so you do not ask. Unfortunately, when you say “I don’t mind listening,” it means he has to tell you or act dumb.

Those are 8 things inside his head. Of course, these things may not be in every guys head, but I’m sure, at least one of them has been said. So, do you have anything you would like to add to my list?

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