7 Dangerous Combinations ...

Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli and collard greens can be dangerous to those individuals that are on a blood thinning drug Coumadin. These are the key to blood clotting as it liver and beef as they are rich in vitamin K. You should also not mix bananas with a diuretic as this could be too much potassium. Would you like to know some more of my 7 dangerous combinations?

7. Caffeine with Alcohol

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Yes, there has been a lot of concern with mixing caffeine with alcohol and really, I can’t think of anyone who would actually want to do this! Why would you want to? I guess I’ve never really been into alcohol – I like remembering things. Anyhow, there’s a drink on the market today that is being banned from certain states (I’m not going to name any names). This drink has a mix of alcohol and caffeine – this is a dangerous combination.

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