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There is no doubt that reality shows have caught the imagination of the world. And, because of their immense popularity today, we have some really amazing reality shows on air. It has been difficult to pick, but here is a list of reality shows that I really love.

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Top Chef

One of the best reality shows about cooking: Chefs from across the country compete with each other every week and through the process of elimination, the Top Chef is chosen in the final episode of the season. I find some great cooking techniques on this show. And I immensely enjoy watching the ego’s clash on one hand and flirtations sparking off on the other, amongst the chefs.


So You Think You Can Dance

Contestants from different cities show off their dancing skills on one of the best reality shows about dancing. The best thing about the show is the fact that you get to see so many different styles of dance as well as the development in skills and maturing of a dancer.


RuPaul’s Drag Race

This is a really one of the most refreshing and amazing reality shows on air. It features downright ferocious competition between drag queens and every episode is filled with enough sass to make you blush.


America’s Next Top Model

This reality shows takes us into the world of fashion with the suave and daring Tyra Banks. To me, the most interesting aspect of the show are the catfights amongst the contestants and the grueling challenges faced by the contestants each week.


The Bachelor

This one is truly one of the most amazing reality shows. It features female contestants competing with each other to win the heart of one eligible bachelor. The bachelors are always extremely hot and the catfights amongst the girls can get rather vicious. And, of course, every episode has huge dollops of romance in it.



By far one of the most exciting, nail-biting and amazing reality shows on TV, it is amazing to watch what the worst circumstances will bring out in people. Two groups of contestants are left in completely uncivilized locations and they have to fight for their survival. Also, they have to eliminate each other. The twists, the betrayals and the backstabbing have to be seen to be believed.


The Biggest Loser

A reality show that is truly a product of its times. This show challenges contestants to lose as much weight as possible in face of real life temptations. The participant to lose the maximum weight gets a huge cash prize. An inspiring show for all of us who are constantly battling the bulge.

There is no doubt that reality shows are here to stay. There is also no doubt that they are highly addictive. Once you begin watching a show, it is practically impossible to stop until the winner is announced. Here’s hoping that there are more amazing reality shows from different fields of life in the coming years.

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