7 Interesting Reality TV Shows ...


7 Interesting Reality TV Shows ...
7 Interesting Reality TV Shows ...

I’m so over American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, and I never liked the Bachelor or Bachelorette. But I still really like reality shows, as long as they’re not the tripe being served on most network stations. Here’s my list of 7 really interesting reality TV shows

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Top Shot

Top Shot This new reality TV show had me at “Colby.” That’s right — the host of this marksmanship-related reality show is Colby Donaldson, the mega-hottie and super nice guy from Survivor. Aside from ogling Colby, I actually really enjoy this show. The contestants are all really talented, the challenges are interesting, and there’s even a woman competing!


Pros Vs. Joes

Pros Vs. Joes I love the idea of this reality show — pro athletes compete in challenges with regular people off the street. This season, they’re trying something new, too, having pros in one sport compete against pros of another sport, football versus basketball.


Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers I know this doesn’t sound like an interesting show, but it really is! The danger is suspenseful, the characters are, well, characters, and again, there’s even a woman on the show… and she’s tough as nails!


Ultimate Merger

Ultimate Merger I hate the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, and I loathe the Apprentice, but somehow, combining the biggest bitch from the Apprentice with the Bachelorette concept makes perfect sense… though I’m not sure how they convinced any men to compete for her “affections.” I can’t wait to watch!


Animal Cops

Animal Cops I’m an animal lover, so this show appeals to me, but it makes me cry at least once during every episode. I love that it’s often shot here in Detroit, and that the people they feature, the Cops, seem to genuinely care about animals, too.



Scrappers I can’t believe they’re actually making a reality TV show about the guys in Brooklyn that drive around collecting old hot water heaters and siding to sell as scrap metal. That’s right, that’s what “Scrappers” is about, not a bunch of wiry street fighters or women driving minivans to make photo albums. I hate to admit it, but I kind of want to watch this one!


Pawn Stars

This show is kind of like two of my old favorite reality TV shows combined, the Antiques Roadshow meets Orange County Shoppers… I love seeing the old stuff people bring in to sell, and the guys who run the shop are nuts!

Those are my current favorite shows, but I’m sure there will be more airing soon! Maybe someone will use my idea of what Scrappers could be about… hmm… in the meantime, which of these shows do you like best? Or are you still hooked on Ninja Warrior or something else? Please let me know!

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I absolutely LOVE Animal Cops... I started watching Animal Cops Houston 9 years ago and I still love all of the shows! Another favourite of mine has to be The Amazing Race Asia (I do like The Amazing Race too, but I find the Asia more interesting for some reason). It's really fun!

Hey, I am also a fanatic of amazing Amazing Race. Asia chapter is more close to my heart. I like watching Dance realated reality shows also.

Yea kind of. Not boasting but once won a national level classical dance competition(not the reality show).Its my passion.

I love Animal Cops!

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