8 Worst Reality Shows ...


8 Worst Reality Shows ...
8 Worst Reality Shows ...

Reality television shows have never been more popular than they are at the moment. However, here are the 8 Worst Reality Shows

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The Littlest Groom

The Littlest Groom Photo Credit: kgboxer

Well the title of this reality show The Littlest Groom says it all really. This show was about a little man looking for a wife, he would date various women and then choose one to marry. Strangely enough this television show did not last long at all.


Mr Personality

Mr Personality Photo Credit: Zacuto

When it comes to Mr Personality, the idea behind the show was that all the male contestants wear a mask over their faces. A woman then has to ask questions and get to know these men without ever seeing what they look like, at the end of the show she has to choose one to be her partner.


The Will

The Will Photo Credit: William Hook

Many of you may not have heard of The Will, probably because it was cancelled after one episode. The show was based on a wealthy man who made his family and friends compete for a place in his will, this included his wife and his son.


The Swan

The Swan Photo Credit: flipkeat

The Swan was a show where a selection of women were chosen and they underwent a large amount of plastic surgery in order to look conventionally beautiful. In many of the cases these women became completely unrecognisable where they had so much work done to their bodies. In my opinion this program sends out a message to people about body image and that people have to look a specific way in order to be classed as attractive. This creates more body image issues for women.


Farmer Wants a Wife

Farmer Wants a Wife Photo Credit: Rough_Ember

Now in this reality show a male farmer is on the hunt for a wife, ten women from the city were chosen to take part. Each of the women had to complete various tasks and completion would lead you one step closer to the farmers’ heart. The last woman left would go on a proper date with the farmer and so on.


Temptation Island

Temptation Island Photo Credit: claudita orantes

This was where four couple were taken to an Island where they were tempted to cheat on their partners, who by the way they were not married to. The series involved many attractive men and women which were meant to lure apart couples. Many believed that this show was a complete fix because what happy couple would agree to appear on a television program that could ruin their relationship.


Britney Spears and Kevin

Britney Spears and Kevin Photo Credit: mailandrex

Another show which featured the love lives of a famous couple, Britney Spears and Kevin and again this relationship turned out to be a complete failure. The series was almost as though they were trying to prove to themselves how much they loved each other.


Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Photo Credit: octoberlicious

In my opinion this television reality series was too sickly and purely an act to try and capture the heart of the public. They were shown as being completely in love, often with no disagreements and people believed that the couple we truly in love and meant to be together forever. However, this did not turn out to be the case.

There you have 8 worst reality shows. This list is by know means exclusive you may feel that there are others out there that are a lot worse than these ones.

Top Photo Credit: photosnapshop

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