7 Cartoon Kids I Love ...

Yes, I know. Cartoons are supposed to be for kids, not grown-ups, like me. But I love cartoons, especially the ones with kids as the main characters. They’re so sweet, and funny, and often so realistic, every time I watch I see myself and my siblings when we were young. If you don’t know what I mean, perhaps you’re not watching the right shows, or paying attention to the right characters! Here are 7 cartoon kids I love.

1. Lisa Simpson

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Photo Credit: simpsoncrazy.com

I am Lisa Simpson, only without the strapless dress and pointy yellow hair. I’m bookish, nerdy, and sweet, just like she is. Perhaps this is why I love her so, or maybe it’s because she’s cute and because I love the relationship between her and Bart, her horrible, irredeemably naughty brother.

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