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Yes, I know. Cartoons are supposed to be for kids, not grown-ups, like me. But I love cartoons, especially the ones with kids as the main characters. They’re so sweet, and funny, and often so realistic, every time I watch I see myself and my siblings when we were young. If you don’t know what I mean, perhaps you’re not watching the right shows, or paying attention to the right characters! Here are 7 cartoon kids I love.

1. Lisa Simpson

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I am Lisa Simpson, only without the strapless dress and pointy yellow hair. I’m bookish, nerdy, and sweet, just like she is. Perhaps this is why I love her so, or maybe it’s because she’s cute and because I love the relationship between her and Bart, her horrible, irredeemably naughty brother.

2. Angelica and Tommy Pickles

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I wish I’d been more like Angelica Pickles as a child. She’s bold, bossy, and brave. I was… quiet, mousy, and timid. Sure, she’s mean to the dumb babies… but… I love her for her seemingly endless moxie. On the other hand, I also adore her cousin, Tommy Pickles, who is sweet-natured and helpful, the exact polar opposite of Angelica.

3. Phineas and Ferb (and Candace)

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These intrepid brothers are wickedly clever and so creative, and their sister, Candace, is there to bust them. All they want to do is avoid boredom during their summer break, and all she wants to do is ruin their plans and rat them out to their mother. I love all three of them and their circle of friends! Hey, where’s Perry?

4. The Backyardigans

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I don’t know… are the Backyardigans kids? Pablo is a penguin, Tasha is a hippo, Tyrone is a moose, Austin is a kangaroo… and I have no idea what Uniqua is. But they’re kids, in my view, with imaginations at the ready, always prepared for an adventure. And they’re so adorable! And Tasha — what an attitude!

5. SpongeBob and Patrick

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These two are kids, for sure, no matter that one of them is a sea sponge and the other a star fish. They have the same innocence and sweet naiveté, and, like most children, they don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. I love their relentlessly optimistic attitudes… and how easily they’re amused by empty boxes from big-screen TVs. All they need is a little … IMAGINATION!

6. Arnold

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If you’re not familiar with the old Nickelodeon cartoon, Arnold has a football shaped head, wears a kilt, and lives in a boarding house with his grandparents. His best friend is Gerald, and his nemesis is Helga (who secretly has a crush on him). Arnold is kind, helpful, and hilarious… he’s one of my all-time favorite cartoon kids.

7. Lilo

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Lilo is the epitome of the difficult child, and I see a lot of myself in her. She’s headstrong (like me), emotional (like me), and somehow still so sweet. She’s well-written and realistic, and heart-breakingly heart-broken. When she tells Stitch, “I remember everyone who leaves,” it makes me cry, every time. I love Lilo!

These are my 7 favorite cartoon kids, but there are so many more I love! Which of these cartoon kids do you like best, or did I leave someone off my list? Please share!

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