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The following list includes 8 funny YouTube videos I have bookmarked on my computer. Each time I find one that cheers me up and makes me laugh, I save it for a while. My list changes from month to month, but the 8 videos mentioned below have actually been in list of favorites for quite some time. See if any of these make you laugh as well!

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Cravendale – Cats with Thumbs

I’ve noticed that my cats always stare at me when I pour milk on my cereal, which made me giggle at the opening of this video. The ending is a bit odd, but still funny. I’m glad cats can’t grow working thumbs! I’d have to worry about all sorts of things if this were to ever happen.


Cadbury Eyebrows (official Version)

You can’t help but watch this video a couple of times. Well, at least I couldn’t. It makes me giggle. My sister was creeped out by the eyebrows, but I thought they were hilarious. It’s amazing what computer graphic artists are capable of in this day and age.


Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

This video reminded me of most of my days. All the women in my family got a good chuckle out of it too. We refer to days like this as having a bunch of half baskets or boxes. When my baby sister was about 5, she told my mother that she had too many half boxes. She then went on to explain that by my mom halving a bunch of boxes half-full, she couldn’t put any of them away into storage, which would have greatly freed up the room and my mom’s day. My family has since used the phrase ‘half boxes’ to refer to a day filled with lots of activity, but when nothing ever seems to get completed.


I’m a Kitty Cat

One of my boys showed me this. It’s just too funny, no matter how old you are. It’s goofier than just plain funny. Watch it once and you’ll see what I mean. I bet after watching this video you’ll catch yourself singing, “I’m a cat. I’m a kitty cat.”


ANIMAL BEATBOX – Tropfest 2011 Winner

This video makes me laugh because of the sheer silliness of it. It’s also very creative. I can’t imagine the time and patience it took to make it, but it’s fun and amazing all rolled into one video.


Men in Coats

I first saw this video many years ago and only recently found it on YouTube. These two guys are quite the comedy act. The best part is that their act doesn’t involve any talking; it’s all antics and props. I’ve passed this on to many friends who have then passed in on to everyone they know as well.


Tight Pants / Body Rolls

I adore Leslie Hall. She can always make me laugh with one of her funny songs, no matter how miserable I feel. This is one of my favorite songs of hers. The elves are hilarious!


An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

This is one video about cats where it isn’t the cats who are adding the humor to the video. These two guys and their three cats are quite the comedic troupe. The part of this video that made me laugh the hardest was the Corporal Cuddling section. I laughed so hard my boys came into the room to see what was wrong with me. I couldn’t even talk. All I could do was show them that portion of the video. They thought it was funny as well, but I think they had more fun watching me wipe the tears out of my eyes from laughing so hard.

I hope these 8 funny YouTube videos will boost your mood or at least make you laugh a little bit. What is your all-time favorite YouTube video that you have bookmarked on your computer?

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