7 Great Shows for Kids Who Love Music ...


7 Great Shows for Kids Who Love Music ...
7 Great Shows for Kids Who Love Music ...

If your little one wakes up with a song in her heart, dances all day, and sings herself to sleep each night, then you’ve probably been searching for a TV show with characters that love music as much as she does! With so many kid’s shows out there, and only so many hours in the day you’ll let your little one indulge in TV, how can you make the most of her musical inclinations and keep her entertained with characters she can relate to, and maybe even dance with? Here are 7 great shows for kids who love music!

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Jack’s Big Music Show

Jack’s Big Music Show This is one of the best kid’s shows for any little one who loves music, dancing, and generally having fun. Jack, his best friend Mary, and his dog Mel have a club-house filled with musical instruments, and they’re always trying a new kind of music, from Beach Boys-inspired rock to country to jazz to opera and even speed polka! Guest stars, like Laurie Berkner, abound, and there’s never a dull moment. Your little Maestro will love it!


This vibrant show is indeed a haven for those youthful spirits intrigued by rhythm and melody. Jack's Big Music Show not only showcases various musical genres but becomes an educational journey too. Kids easily learn about different instruments as they sing along and move to the beat. It's interactive and engaging, encouraging your little ones to express themselves through music. Plus, they'll get a kick out of seeing their favorite characters embrace the universality of music—all while building a solid foundation for musical appreciation that could last a lifetime.


Yo Gabba Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba I admit I think this show is a little odd, but my daughter, who’s always got a song in her heart, loves it! The characters are geared towards a younger crowd, but older kids (7 even!) may still enjoy it for all of the musical guests (like the Roots and even Jack Black)… in fact, that’s why I still watch it!


Fresh Beats Band

Fresh Beats Band These four teenagers are always up to something musical, and there’s a little bit of something for every little music lover! The four friends always work together to solve problems, and there’s always a song or two that will stick in your head for days after watching.


Fresh Beats Band is a popular children’s show that follows the adventures of four teenage friends. Kiki, Twist, Shout, and Marina are always up to something musical and use their talents to solve problems. Each episode features catchy songs that kids and adults alike can’t get out of their heads.

The show is produced by Nickelodeon and is based on the idea of positive problem solving. The characters learn to work together and use their unique talents to help each other out. The show also emphasizes the importance of friendship and the power of music.

The show is popular with kids of all ages and has a wide range of viewers. It is entertaining and educational, and the characters are relatable. The show has also been praised for its diversity and for its representation of different cultures.

Fresh Beats Band has been nominated for several awards, including a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Direction and Composition. It has also won several awards, including the Parents’ Choice Award for Best Children’s Television Program.


Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins This show is fantastic for little kids, more educational than most, not only exposing them to classical music, but also getting them familiar with composers, rhythms, and tempos. Each show features a music-related challenge, along with one classical composer and one fine artist.


The Little Einsteins gang embarks on daring adventures in their magical red rocket ship, incorporating art and music from around the world. They've inspired countless kids to appreciate the beauty and joy found in Beethoven's symphonies or Degas' paintings. The show cleverly integrates interactive elements, like encouraging viewers to pat their legs faster to help the rocket "take off" or to sing along to increase energy. Truly an immersive experience, your little ones won't just be spectators but rather active participants in this symphony of discovery.


Imagination Movers

Imagination Movers This show features four friends who, like the Fresh Beats Band, solve problems with music, and are always singing and dancing. The guys are goofy in a charming way, a lot like Steve from Blue’s Clues, and kids, especially boys, will like them.



Backyardigans I love this show! The characters get together for backyard play dates and have every kind of fun imaginable, covering every genre of music there is. It’s so creative, and there’s so much singing and dancing! It’s also fun to see the little characters all dressed up and acting out their scenes.


The Backyardigans truly shines when it comes to educational entertainment—it's a hit with both kids and parents. Each episode is like a mini-musical adventure where the five vibrant friends—Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin—explore new worlds using their imaginations, all without leaving their backyard. They effortlessly integrate various musical styles from jazz to country to salsa, introducing children to a diverse range of sounds and cultures. Plus, the catchy tunes are sure to have everyone humming along for days!


Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola Charlie and Lola sing a lot, and the animation is sure to capture even the most hyper child’s attention. The music is light, and the characters are sweet and charming. The only downside? Since this show is out of the U.K., plushies and tees are hard to find.

My daughter and I love these kid’s shows, and so will your little one! Or maybe he or she already watches them? Which is her favorite, and why? Or does she have another musical kid’s show she likes more? Please let me know!

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