7 Playlists You Must Have ...


7 Playlists You Must Have ...
7 Playlists You Must Have ...

Music is incredibly important to me. It can lift my mood or it can sort of sympathize with a mood I'm having. It complements, it soothes, it empathizes. Every melody is like a panacea cure. I have a playlist for every mood I have and believe you me, it makes my outlook a lot better. I can be completely furious, listen to the complementary playlist, and then everything is all good. So, here are 7 playlists you must have if you'd like to try this remedy!

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The Happy Playlist

This playlist is filled with songs that make you happy. They are the kinds of songs that can lift your mood in an instant. You might listen to this list when you are already happy, or you might listen to it when you're down in the dumps, so it will raise your spirits. Whatever the case, it is filled with the music that makes you soar, no matter who the artists are.


The Angry Playlist

When you are stomping mad and ready to flip your lid, sometimes you don't want to feel better. Sometimes you just want to hit something. You typically can't do that, of course, so what I do is bring out my Angry Playlist. It is typically filled with lots and lots of Eminem, and although you'd think it would make me stay mad, that's not the case at all. Instead, after listening to this list for a while, I stomp out all my rage and I'm left feeling like I've just had full release.


The Depressed Playlist

Again, sometimes you just don't want your mood to go anywhere. In those cases, music can empathize with you as easily as it soothes you. This list may be filled with the sad songs that mean the world to you and cradle you in their rhythms. When I'm depressed, I play this list, curl up on the couch, and read a book that tends to make me cry as well.


The Inspirational Playlist

This list is filled with the songs that mean something to you for different reasons. You may be awed by the rhythm, the lyrics, the melodies, the beats. Whatever you do, these songs make you want to do it better. These are the songs I listen to when I'm writing, for example, and they push me to do more, to be more lyrical, to really say something important.


The Housework Playlist

This is a great playlist. It's filled with upbeat songs that you want to sing along to. I don't know how I'd ever get through doing the dishes or vacuuming without being able to shout these songs at the top of my lungs while I do it. I doubt the landlords downstairs are too happy about it, but hey. The apartment looks fabulous.


The Sexy Playlist

You know there are songs that make you feel sexy, right? Me too, and I listen to them when I'm getting ready to go out on a date with the Better Half. I'll croon to myself while I'm shaving my legs or puckering up in the mirror, and when I leave that bathroom, I feel full of confidence and sex appeal. It's awesome.


The “Lifetime Movie” Playlist

I don't exactly know how to explain this playlist, except that there are songs, different from the ones on the Depressed list, that I know will always make me cry, but I love them anyway. Sometimes all you need to do is have a good cry; this is the list I listen to when that happens.

I just couldn't live without music. It affects so much of what I do. What songs move you? Do you have any mood-coordinated playlists, too?

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Funny....angry playlist!

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