7 Playlists You Must Have ...


Music is incredibly important to me. It can lift my mood or it can sort of sympathize with a mood I'm having. It complements, it soothes, it empathizes. Every melody is like a panacea cure. I have a playlist for every mood I have and believe you me, it makes my outlook a lot better. I can be completely furious, listen to the complementary playlist, and then everything is all good. So, here are 7 playlists you must have if you'd like to try this remedy!

1. The Happy Playlist

This playlist is filled with songs that make you happy. They are the kinds of songs that can lift your mood in an instant. You might listen to this list when you are already happy, or you might listen to it when you're down in the dumps, so it will raise your spirits. Whatever the case, it is filled with the music that makes you soar, no matter who the artists are.

The Angry Playlist