7 Bands I Can't Live without ...


7 Bands I Can't Live without ...
7 Bands I Can't Live without ...

There are some bands -- and, okay, singers all by themselves -- that I just can’t live without. Music plays such a huge part in my life, and I have a tendency to get very attached to the bands and singers who touch me the most. This is a list of the musicians I’ve been known to listen to nonstop for months at a time! Here are 7 bands I can't live without!

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I am an enormous Eminem fan and have been since even before he came on the scene. When I’m angry, upset, or just generally in a bad mood, taking a drive and blaring my favorite albums is guaranteed to make me feel better. Eminem is also an ideal companion for housework; he even makes vacuuming palatable.



Placebo Photo Credit: jamieanne

Placebo, in my opinion, is not nearly well known enough but I don’t really mind because that allows me the illusion of keeping them all to myself. Again, I’ve been a fan of this band since my high school days. They have a song to fit every mood I could possibly have, and Brian Molko -- who is just as brilliant and just as beautiful as he is talented -- has a way with words that never ceases to amaze me.


Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band Photo Credit: The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

My love of Dave has also been with me since my early teenage years, and I’m still an enormous fan. Hearing certain DMB songs can instantly make me happy. In fact, the curative powers of “The Space Between Us” has been known to get rid of a headache in about a minute.


Secondhand Serenade

Secondhand Serenade Photo Credit: iheartradio

Actually a solo act, Secondhand Serenade is not as popular as the music would suggest. So many beautiful songs, so many meaningful lyrics. This is what love songs are made of, and I already loathe the day this guy hangs up his hat -- I hope that doesn’t happen for years to come.


Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack Photo Credit: Todd | ishootshows.com

I was just introduced to this band, thanks to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. They sing a song on the complementary soundtrack that is just amazing. And while I’m here, let me make it a two-for-one, and just say you ought to check out the new sound from All-American Rejects on that album as well.


Something Corporate

Something Corporate Photo Credit: Adam DeAngelis

Andrew McMahon has a voice like a musical instrument and it seriously almost brings me to my knees every time I hear it. The lead singer is also known for his solo project, Jack’s Mannequin, which I love as well, but give me the band any day.


The Kooks

The Kooks Photo Credit: vALE Valentina :3

I love Britpop, I confess, and there is something so punk about the Kooks, I can’t help but love them. I first heard “Naïve” during the credits for 17 Again and promptly fell in love. These guys are sexy by virtue of their accents and awesome by virtue of their talent.

It’s amazing how a band, a singer, or a song can change a whole day. Who does that for you? What musicians do you turn to when you need to feel good?

Top Photo Credit: doug88888

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I love eminem and dave matthews band... but i hate the kooks, i prefer the arctic monkeys... you should listen to the coral maybe you'll like them, kate nash also looks like something you might like

Something Corporate <333333 & Jack's Mannequin too. Secondhand Serenade for sure!!! Soooo sweet. :)

all i can play is podcast... i tried drums once, even got a band, but it ended pretty bladly... if you want you can check this podcast anticulturizate.podcast.es it's in spanish thou, except from most of the music

The Kooooooooooks :)

i forgot belle and sebastian

Eminem rocks! I also like some not so popular bands like my husband's SUBURB!

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