7 Worst Reality Show Stars ...


7 Worst Reality Show Stars ...
7 Worst Reality Show Stars ...

I love, and I loathe, reality TV. It’s a train-wreck, at times so very bad it’s a lot of fun to watch. Even with the high entertainment value, though, some reality “stars” are so trashy, annoying, and idiotic, I can’t even bear to watch. Here are the 7 worst reality show stars, in no particular order.

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Snooki from “Jersey Shore”

Snooki from “Jersey Shore” If I had to choose one word to describe Snooki, I’d be torn between “skank” and “trashy.” It’s a toss-up… is she more trashy, or more skanky? Or equal parts of both? Does it matter? Could she and her friends (and frenemies) please just go away? Please?


Amber from “Teen Mom”

Amber from “Teen Mom” It’s hard to say why Amber from “Teen Mom” is such a disaster, not because I don’t know, but because I have such limited space. Let’s start with her complete lack of parenting skills. Add her laziness, her loser of a boyfriend, her violent temper, her poor eating habits, and her lack of any redeeming personality traits, and that might sum it up. I feel so bad for that poor sweet little girl of hers. She doesn’t stand a chance. And oh, heaven help me, is she pregnant again?


Kate from “Jon and Kate plus 8”

Kate from “Jon and Kate plus 8” I know the show isn’t really on anymore. I know it was supposed to be about this adorable family and their adorable day-to-day life and especially their adorable kids… but as much as I adored the kids, and even kind of liked watching Jon try to man up once in a while, Kate was so annoying, so shallow and self-centered, I stopped watching. And now she won’t go away. Ugh. Whenever I feel especially irritated with her, all I have to do it look at photos of her from BEFORE she was “famous,” when she was just disgustingly unattractive, and I feel better.


Angelina from “Jersey Shore”

Angelina from “Jersey Shore” If you thought Snooki was bad, well, meet this piece of work. She’s all class, and that’s meant completely sarcastically. I mean, her nickname is the Staten Island Dump. All I needed to see was one episode where she left a used feminine hygiene product laying around… and she has apparently done it more than once. Ick, girl!


Brad or Adam from “Top Shot”

Brad or Adam from “Top Shot” Oh, another double-whammy! For those of you who haven’t watched any of season one of Top Shot, it’s a reality show/competition around marksmanship, and these two made my skin crawl in almost every episode. Thank God neither of them won. Brad was just annoyingly self-righteous, and Adam actually had the nerve to say he was the “last great American hero” … and worse, he really believes it.


Cat from “the Real Housewives of D.C.”

Cat from “the Real Housewives of D.C.” Okay, she’s pretty, I’ll give her that. But she’s so annoying! She’s shallow, rude, and has the irritating habit of name-dropping, continuously, in every episode I’ve seen so far. Well, at least her roots are always touched-up, and her skin is flawless.


The Entire Cast of “Survivor”

The Entire Cast of “Survivor” I don’t know where these losers are competing this season, and I don’t care. Wherever they are, I vote that we leave them all there. Okay, a few of them are nice enough, but the majority of them are whiny, homophobic (Shannon), or just plain mean and evil (Naonka). I think instead of voting them off, and making them go home, WE the viewers ought to vote to see who stays FOREVER.

If you watch any of these shows, then I’m sure you agree with me — these so-called stars need a dose of actual real-life REALITY. I mean, isn’t that why they’re called reality shows? Which of these reality show disasters do you love to hate? Or is there someone else that just makes you nuts? Please share! I love snark!

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u forgot Heidi Montag!!!

I still think nobody can beat Spencer Prat. I think everybody hates him

How about basically everyone from Hell's Kitchen?

I was thinking about Cat last night as I watched the Beverly Hills Housewives. She and Lisa remind me of each other. At first I found Cat rather abrasive, but then I realized her type of honesty and forthrightness was refreshing. She's not out to really offend, just speak her mind and keep it real. That's often times rare in today's society and I started to really like her. I like people most who I don't have to guess where they're coming from. I can see where she can be a bit annoying to some, though. Good post!

I HATE Snooki! Actually, I pretty much detest the entire Jersey Shore cast!

I find all reality shows pretty annoying. My own life is chaotic enough without the added nonsense of trying to keep up with someone else's life.

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