7 Beloved TV Couples ...


7 Beloved TV Couples ...
7 Beloved TV Couples ...

Sometimes TV love gets iconic. Sometimes, it's even inspirational. Now, these are my 7 favorite beloved TV couples. Most of them are pretty old school, because I am still waiting to see if House and Cuddy stay together, or if Bones and Booth get a clue. Maybe these will bring back some pleasant memories though!

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Cliff and Clair Huxtable

These two are my all time favorites. I still watch reruns of The Cosby Show to see their dynamic. They are the bomb and the bee's knees all in one. I loved the chemistry between these two, so much so that I think they should have starred together in everything for all time. So much love! I was always rather surprised the actors didn't get together in real life.


Dan and Roseanne Conner

I love John Goodman, and I adored him as Dan Conner. I won't lie, Roseanne probably would have gotten on my nerves if it wasn't for Dan, but the two of them together worked, even when it seemed like the characters were doomed. That's what I loved so much, I think: the gritty realism, which could be so heartbreaking even while it made me laugh.


Ricky and Lucy Ricardo

The relationship between Lucy and Desi was tempestuous off screen, but onscreen, Lucy and Ricky were adorable. I always found it odd that they slept in separate beds but still managed to have little Ricky (ditto the next couple), but I was young and naïve at the time. These two onscreen were magic. There's a reason TV Land still shows 405945 reruns a day, you know.


Rob and Laura Petrie

I thought Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore were so great together! I was always surprised they weren't together in real life as well. It was enough to see them onscreen though: Laura drop dead gorgeous, Rob adorable in a sort of goofball way, the love between them clear and full of chemistry – even though it was innocent.


Luke and Lorelai

I loved these two together. Lorelai and I have our issues, and some of them involve Luke, but when they were together, they were great. They were gorgeous. They were just so perfect. I am still demanding a reunion! They need to finally get married – or at least live in sin and be happy! (And if Rory doesn't end up with Jess, I will seriously blow some stuff up.)


Brian and Justin

I'm a QAF girl, hugely. I had my issues with Justin, but I still loved him with Brian, loved them together a lot. Part of it was the nature of the show, and how groundbreaking it was for the states, but a lot of it was the amazing chemistry between gorgeous Gale Harold and Randy Harris. I miss this show – but I am actually glad for the ending.


Niles and Daphne Crane

I don't know why I loved these two so much. Maybe because they were so perfect for each other and it took so long for them to get to that point. Niles is one of my favorite TV characters ever, though, and I just loved him with Daphne.

There are tons of other TV couples I love, but these are my favorites. And as for movie couples, that's another story entirely. Back to TV, though, who are your favorite couples?

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My fave TV couple is Sara and Grissom from the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation show.

mine is sid and cassie, from skins... they are so cute together cos it's like they sort of save each other well, after really big screw ups, they need each other and i think it's great how they put all the bad things apart when they are together even of the season 2 ends up with cassie running away to new york and sid looking for her there

haha. If Lorelai and Luke got married, and Rory and Jess hooked up, that would technically be incest, since Jess is Luke's nephew.

i think chuck bass and blair waldorf from gossip girl should be on this list, i mean they're such an amazing couple. i cried when they broke up and im still praying they do get back together.

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