7 Things I Dislike about Romantic Reality Shows ...

By Mercy

There is no doubt that reality shows have become very popular in the recent past. People have practically become addicted to them. While there are a few reality shows I like, I draw the line at romantic reality shows. Here are all the things I dislike about romantic reality shows.

1 Love for Sale

One of the things I dislike about romantic reality shows the most is that they give me the feeling that love is indeed for sale. I find it hard to believe that contestants are actually expected to fall in love with each other on shows. It is certainly not my idea of love.

2 Lack of Spontaneity

In my opinion, falling in love is a very spontaneous reaction, if it is not something that builds up over a long period of time. That is what most people call ‘falling in love at first sight’. In romantic reality shows, there is no spontaneity on behalf of the contestant who is choosing a partner.

3 Calculated Decision is Not Love

When one looks at everything from body type to color of the hair as well as efficiency in a number of skill when choosing a partner, it is a calculated decision, not love. I find it abhorring that they are calling such a calculated decision love.

4 Types of Challenges

The types of challenges that are thrown at contestants are another of the things I dislike about romantic reality shows. In so many cases, they are utterly degrading to the contestants. The skills they have to show to win the challenges are hardly likely to lead to romantic love, in my opinion.

5 Wrong Value System

When we were younger, we were taught that one needs to have respect for our romantic partners. We sought people who we could relate to, who we could believe in and who could believe in us. We built up trust between each other. We cared for each other’s well being. These and many such values are considered the cornerstones of any romantic relationship. They seem to be utterly missing in these romantic reality shows.

6 Feeling of Being Staged

This is another of the things I dislike about romantic reality shows the most. They hardly reflect reality at all. The premise of the show feel so staged that it is impossible to think it is reality.

7 Not Romantic at All

Finally, the biggest grudge I have against romantic reality shows is that they are hardly romantic at all. Having contestants trying to bitch about each other, witnessing cat fights, watching lust win over love can hardly be considered romantic by any standards.

These are some of the things I dislike about romantic reality shows. I must admit that I had great expectations when I first heard about them, but as soon as I had seen a couple of episodes of a couple of shows, I was absolutely certain that this kind of reality TV was just not for me.

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