5 Things You Want to Avoid ...


5 Things You Want to Avoid ...
5 Things You Want to Avoid ...

Here's something I didn't know until I read this article: your toenails can fall off if your exercise of choice is running. Eww! You might want to avoid that and treat running injuries ASAP.

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Whether you paid a lot to have your hair dyed or you DIYed it, letting the color fade is surely not something you'll want. Read up on the things you need to avoid to maintain the color of your mane.


Let's face it: creepy-crawlies in the garden are unsightly. After the link, you will know interesting ways to get rid of them. Read up and keep your garden pretty!


AKA: The Frenemy. High school or college is stressful enough. Having this type of "friend" in your life will simply make your days even more difficult. Ditch her and find true friends!


I don't need to remind myself to avoid these because I scare quite easily. For those who may be a tad curious, brush up on monsters you need to run away from, not inspect.

We all need a set of guidelines on just about any aspect of our lives. If you have some ideas, we'd love to hear about them!

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I think everybody has a frenemy at one point in their lives

All of them are valid. I would like to add...6. Cheating spouse 7. Pink Slip.

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