7 Items You Shouldn't Buy at the Grocery Store ...


7 Items You Shouldn't Buy at the Grocery Store ...
7 Items You Shouldn't Buy at the Grocery Store ...

Grocery stores are great – for food. Sometimes, sure, you have to buy other things there as well, for the sake of convenience. But have you ever noticed how much more expensive certain items are at the grocery story? They can really jack up the prices on certain essential items, which really sucks because they are, after all, essential; they're called that for a reason. Even if it's inconvenient, sometimes you have to go elsewhere for certain items because you can really save a lot of money that way. Take a look at these 7 items you shouldn't buy at the grocery store and see if you don't think so too.

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Pots and Pans

It might be tempting to pick up a new pot or skillet at the grocery store, but you should really think twice about it. For one thing, the pots you get at the grocery store are typically really low quality. They may not cost a lot, but that's not a sale item; you're just paying for what you get, and odds are its quality will be so poor you can't use it, or it will end up breaking.


Cooking Utensils

The same is true for cooking utensils. Actually, these are generally way more expensive at the grocery store – but they're way lower quality than what you can find at department stores. So, again, you'll likely get your cooking spoons or whisk home, use it once or twice, and then stare in regret once it has snapped in half in your hand.



Sure, if your coffee pot or toaster breaks, it saves time just to buy a replacement at the grocery story. You may even think you're getting a good deal on your $40.00 toaster. But odds are you can find the same thing – or something better – for much less money at the local department or home goods store. You're really wasting money in the long run.



I rarely think about batteries until I need them and discover that I don't have any. There's a reason, too, that so many grocery stores put them up near the counters as an impulse buy item. They know people need them, and that when you're desperate for batteries, you might gripe about the price but you'll still buy them. So grocery stores can charge an arm and a leg for the tiniest pack of batteries ever. How about no?


Light Bulbs

They do the same thing with light bulbs. They cost so much at the grocery store! And they're like light bulbs, because I rarely think about buying them until both the bathroom and living room lights have blown out and I have to live in total darkness. Plus, in grocery stores, although they cost a lot, they tend to be those sorts of awful light bulbs that just blow if you look at them funny.



Grocery stores also jack up the prices on makeup, and it really, really sucks. I mean, I would love to be able to buy foundation or powder or mascara there, but not only does the selection suck, the prices are nuts. I could buy two or three items for the cost of one thing if I shopped at Target rather than the grocery store.


Hair and Skincare Products

Ditto on these items. What really bites is that, typically, the grocery store will put their shampoos and conditioners and things on sale, right? Only to find out that their “sale” is the regular price at some other store, where the same items are on sale for way less. And when it comes to items like hair color? Again, the selection is awful but the cost is ridiculously high.

And yet, I always end up buying items like these at the grocery store. I need to time manage better and make time to head to less expensive stores. Is there anything you just won't buy in grocery stores any longer?

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I agree with everything on this list - avoid buying these things at the grocery store.

number one is surely at the top of the list:)

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