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10 Deadly Ingredients That Can Kill Your Weight Loss Diet ...

By Mercy

Very often, it happens that we eat food that we shouldn’t when we are dieting simply because we don’t know any better. And, then we wonder why our weight loss plans are not working as they should. To help you avoid that scenario, here is a list of 10 deadly ingredients that can kill your weight loss diet.

1 Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

This is also known as trans fat. Be careful of this ingredient as you may find a lot of products that say that they have 0% trans fat, but you may still find partially saturated vegetable oil in their list of ingredients.

2 Saturated Fats

These simply have to be avoided because they cannot be easily broken down by the body and get stored in the body as excess fat.

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3 Fructose Corn Syrup

Fructose corn syrup promotes fat deposits especially around the abdomen area. Also, beware of this ingredient, because products claiming to have no sugar may still contain corn syrup or high fructose content in them.

4 Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners activate sugar sensors in the body and increase the capacity of the body to absorb more sugar. So, when you are on a diet avoid artificial sweeteners as well as diet drinks.

5 Refined Flour

Refined flour has little nutritional value and very little fiber content. They also hamper proper digestion of foods and prevent food from getting converted to energy. This results in fat deposits.

6 Sodium

Sodium should also be high on the list of deadly ingredients that can kill your weight loss diet. While sodium contains no calories, it attracts water and causes water retention in the body. This leads to bloating which means that all your weight loss efforts will not show.

7 Starches

Starches like potatoes and white rice are also amongst the deadly ingredients that can kill your weight loss diet. They do not offer a lot of nutrition, and at the same time, they are not filling which means that you will feel hungry again before long.

8 Sugars

Sugars also don’t break down easily in the body and promote fat deposits. Beware of sweet products that use sugar concentrates like fruit juices and energy drinks.

9 Fatty Salad Dressings

It may not seem like much, but fatty salad dressing can make a big difference when you are dieting. They contain almost double the amount of calories compared to low fat or fat free salad dressings.

10 White Sauce

Avoid pasta with white sauce because it contains refined flour, sugars as well as starches and cream- all ingredients that you should avoid when you are dieting to lose weight.

As you can see from this list of 10 deadly ingredients that can kill your weight loss diet, many of them are so carefully camouflaged so as to be almost invisible. We may consume these products without even realizing that they are detrimental to our weight loss plans and efforts.

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